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12 Questions With Actress Sharon Leal

Instinct (CBS) co-star, Sharon Leal opens up about purposely remaining private in this ‘need-to-know’ everything culture, how the rise of school shootings affect her as a parent and why starring in ‘Dreamgirls’ opened her eyes.

12 Questions with Sharon Leal

Three words that best describe you as a person? 

Rational. Open. Free-Spirited.

What do you love most about growing up in Fresno, CA?

I love that my hometown is kinda jenky, but some of the most important people in my life are from there and remain my dearest friends (born in Tucson, AZ).

What role have you played changed you as a person?

My first big high profile gig ‘Dreamgirls’ opened my eyes to the real fact that as corny as it sounds you can have what you’ve always wanted.

Dream actor or actress you would love to share the big or little scene with? 

Denzel Washington.

Favorite food or dish to eat? 

Homemade pasta.

With school shootings continuing to rise, how does that affect you as a parent? 

The horror of a school shooting makes me acutely aware of the powerlessness we have to protect our kids every hour of the day. It’s unsettling and heartbreaking.

What do you want most for your son? 

I want my son to have the kind of confidence to go for his. Whatever that is. I want him to feel capable and deserving of his passions.

Organization(s) you are passionate about? 

Being a product of music in schools and performing arts programs, Save The Music resonates big time with me.

Do you any challenges getting consist work being an African-American woman? 

The challenge is never to let it discourage what it is I want to accomplish and to never use the uneven playing field as an excuse not to believe. It’s uphill, but it’s not impossible, and every win garnered by an African-American is a win for us all.

How have you managed to keep a low profile in our ‘need-to-know’ everything culture? 

It’s getting harder and harder, but I guess It’s just never underestimating how far people will run with any information at all. My life offline is the most precious to me.

Current and forthcoming project(s)? 

You can catch me on Instinct (CBS) starring Alan Cumming as Lieutenant Jasmine Gooden and an indie called ‘Paper Friends’ out next year. 

Any shoutouts? 

To Jesse Ashton for his beautiful photography and my kid Kai Miles Land for existing!

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