Kyle Price and Ramad Carter | PH: Harvey Jackson, III
Kyle Price and Ramad Carter | PH: Harvey Jackson, III

Love At First Night: Kyle Price & Ramad Carter

Playing a lead couple on SLAY TV’s Love At First Night (LAFN), Kyle Price (@kpholla12), and Ramad Carter (@its_ramad) shed light on what it means to be in a relationship despite all of its challenges. 

The duo takes us through a reflection of their roles in the show and what they see coming next towards their passions.  

Full Interview with Love At First Night with Lead Cast Member, Kyle Price, and Ramad Carter

How did you come to learn about the LAFN series? 

Kyle: The creator of the show, Terry Torrington, approached me after seeing one of my previous web series called, “Quarter Century NY” on YouTube. We had known each other in passing before, but never really got the chance to work together before this project. I was a fan of a show he was in previously called “No Shade.” When he presented me with Spencer’s role, I looked at the script and immediately fell in love with it. The rest is history. 

Ramad: I initially found out about LAFN because I auditioned for the 2nd season of their previous series, “No Shade,” in which I did not get selected, but they kept my information on file. A year or so later, Sean sent me an inbox on FB telling me I should audition for this new project Terry was writing and that he thought I would be a good fit. I, of course, was super ecstatic and decided to take him up on his offer, and then later was the birth of Love At First Night.

In the show LAFN, you two have such great chemistry. Would you say this is due to your rapport before filming the series, or did it grow over time? 

Kyle: It was intentional that we made sure that Spencer and Jayden’s relationship felt as authentic as possible, so we made time to “date” and communicate before we even started filming. Throughout filming, we became really good friends, and it became easier to play off of each other, and that translated well in our relationship on the show. By the third season, it was like second nature between us, and the takes got shorter and shorter. 

Ramad: Originally, Kyle and I had never met before, but we were both equally invested in making this the best show it could be, so we went on playdates together. We talked about relationships and personal endeavors, which eventually turned into a friendship. We are very comfortable with each other now, so it makes for an easy way to explore new things with the characters.

Do you find that the art comes naturally to you in your acting success, or are there specific techniques that you implement to creatively get the best out of yourself? 

Kyle: I know I have less technical training than Ramad does; he’s gone to school for this. I independently studied most of my favorite actors and romantic comedies to get my beats and delivery during the run of the show. Over the years, I’ve taken some classes to help with timing and technique, but it’s mostly self-taught.

Ramad: In my personal opinion, my acting came naturally. Although I have a degree in Dramatic Arts, I realized in school that what you have in you is innate, and talent is something you are born with. I channel past experiences and emotions and bring them to life.  

How much of your own life resonates with your character? Were any specific scenes difficult or challenging for you, and why? 

Kyle: I always say there’s an element of myself in Spencer, but he’s a combination of a lot of people in my life and the conversations I’ve had with many people. Also, I’m a proud Twitter troll, so I’m always lowkey watching people’s conversations on relationships and how’d they’d react to certain situations. You find a lot of interesting answers there. 

Ramad: I think my life resonates more with Jayden this season more than ever because he talks a lot about depression and anxiety. To be completely transparent, I suffer from terrible anxiety. Jayden trying to navigate that daily is such a real thing I experience every day. I haven’t struggled with a scene; I usually remove myself entirely and give myself to Jayden. 

How has your life changed from the start of the series to now? 

Kyle: Oh, it’s changed significantly!! I get noticed a lot more when I’m out and about more now. Recently living in Africa, I was noticed while walking around because of the show. It was so crazy to experience those moments!

Ramad: My life has changed the most, for one, with the popularity that comes with Internet sensations and accessibility. It is still something that I’m getting very used to and something I’m still trying to navigate. On the other end, I have been offered a few projects since people have seen my acting on the forefront, so that’s been pretty cool as well.  

Love At First Night stars Kyle Price & Ramad Carter – A Conversation
Kyle Price and Ramad Carter | PH: Harvey Jackson, III

Which actors do you find to be an inspiration? What specific scenes (film or TV) come to mind when you think of that actor and make you fall in love with their work all over again? 

Kyle: Leonardo DiCaprio immediately comes to mind when I think of my favorite actors; he’s the master of method acting to me. I also love Angelina Jolie, Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, and Heath Ledger – actors that get lost in their roles and take them to the next level. More specifically, with Leonardo DiCaprio, there is one specific scene he does in “Django Unchained,” where he was doing this intense scene at the kitchen table where he slammed a glass down and cut his hand so badly he started bleeding. He never missed a beat in delivering his lines and didn’t break character. 

That’s the type of intensity I want to bring to my characters and the kind of focus I want to have in my career. I remember being so mesmerized by that when I heard that. 

Ramad: I am mildly obsessed with Angela Bassett. I think that her work is so alive and I enjoy watching her on-screen. My background is in theatre, and I remember seeing her do a monologue for The Root, and I just got chills the whole time. I remember finding that right before an audition that I had, and I just listened to it on repeat. I love her dedication to the art and the craft. 

Did you expect your characters to develop the way they did? Do you wish your characters reacted differently in any specific scene? 

Kyle: There were a few ways that Spencer could have gone, but I think he took the most progressive and natural steps in his character arc. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing about him. 

Ramad: I NEVER expected Jayden to develop the way he did. He turned out to be such a well-rounded, beautiful character to explore, and oh, my goodness, it was a journey. In these past three seasons, I’ve been on a rollercoaster with him, in & out of emotions and feelings. But I’d play him ten times over because he taught me so much about Queer struggles and the beauty of life and relationships. 

Kyle Price and Ramad Carter | PH: Harvey Jackson, III
Kyle Price and Ramad Carter | PH: Harvey Jackson, III

What other creative outlets are you passionate about? How are you using it to take you to the next step in your career? 

Kyle: I’m also passionate about writing and curating musical selections, which I had a chance to do this season on the show by collecting songs from some independent artists to help make up the soundtrack. 

I love to give back, and being so visible on this show has allowed me to speak to a wide array of people and contribute to people’s causes in ways I never thought I could before. 

Ramad: I am super involved in the artistic process, and I’ll soon be stepping back with acting and trying to explore writing and directing. I soon plan to direct my short film, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. 

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