Top 6 Leslie Jordan Videos That Will Make You Laugh

Chattanooga, Tennessee-native, and actor Leslie Jordan is an American gem, and we need to protect him at all costs.

His videos, on average, get a minimum of 1M views, and he now has 4M+ followers (and counting) on his Instagram page.  

Known for his roles on Will & Grace (Beverley Leslie in which he won an Emmy Award in 2006), The Cool Kids (Sid), and various characters on the American Horror Story mega-successful franchise. He moved to Hollywood back in 1982 (with $1500 sewn into his clothing by his mother).

Jordan presents a hilarious and thought-provoking approach to storytelling needed during our current social distancing orders due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. His strong Southern dialect complements his warm and inviting energy. It’s like listening to stories from our elders.  


Currently, the world is feeling a level of unexpected anxiety. From unemployment claims hitting 30Mdelayed stimulus checkssmall business owners’ concerns about when and if their doors will be open again, pandemic protests, and figuring out how you’re going to pay your bills.

It’s a lot to process however, a lot of people are taking advantage of free online courses to change the narrative.

If you follow Leslie on Instagram, as soon as you see his video pop up on your feed, you know he has an interesting story to tell.

Tiger King Commentary

Best Line(s): “Ironin, to past the time and watchin’ a ‘murder program’ on television.” and “Honey… she killed him, and then she feed him to the tigers. That much we know, but what I can’t figure out is poor little meth mouth.” and “Son, you gotta get camera-ready!”

California Love

Best Line(s): “Because I’m such a rebel and thug, I just feel his (Tupac) presence.” and “I gotta go workout, SUCKAS!”

3 Little Girls

Best Line: “Hey! Can I ask you something? Is you a midget?!”


Best Line: “Oh, son! Son! Won’t you twirl that baton in the house?!”


Best Line(s): “Mama and Them. That’s why we say in the South to include everybody. MAMA AND THEM!” and “Where are we? How do you pronounce it? That girl said, “BUR-GER KING!” and “You can’t make this shit up!”

Porn For Breakfast

Best Line(s): “She so loud!” and “Goodness! They’re very limber.” and “Oh, hush! She too loud.”

Leslie Jordan will forever be our favorite #Guncle (Gay + Uncle = Guncle: a popular hashtag on Instagram), in which he educated us on in one of his videos and celebrated on second Sunday in August

You can catch Leslie on the forthcoming FOX television series, ‘Call Me Kat’ coming later 2020. Even if just for a short time, try to bring in a little laughter into your life.

It’s okay to take time to take time to yourself and breathe. 

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