Thrift Tokyo

Thrift Tokyo

Thrift Tokyo

Thrift Tokyo

Photographer  ANDREW FAULK
Writer and Creative Director  REN DUNGARI
Makeup Artist  KIYANA KEMP
Models  MARIE NAKAGAWA (female), REN DUNGARI (female), D-ASA (male) Wardrobe PIN NAP HARAJUKU

Thrift Tokyo Thrift Tokyo Thrift Tokyo


Clash. Swish. Cackle.

Sound the rattling vibrations of a breakthrough. A foreign culture is quickly approaching, moving swiftly through the wind.

With little effort,
it sweeps clear of the feet above for a hastily fall,
only to plunge deep into a time ago where its ancestry is stern
and artistry is rebellious.

“Tokyo Thrift.”
The millennial, have titled it,
subdued by its history
and embracing its ripeness with passion.

Choking tightly
It closes every airway, crushes refinement, redefines the new norm.

Clash. Swish. Cackle.

Each layer speaking volumes,
revealing the history and untold stories of the past. To relive it,
they wear it…
Lying flat in its capacity,
parallel to the well-lived decades of kin.

These are the American decades vigorously drifting,
spinning speedily like a merry-go-round, invading the futuristic streets of Harajuku. The glamorous twenties.

and addictive seventies,
where an afro represents dignity.

The retro eighties
and the trend-setting nineties,
capitalizing on hip-hop and the essence of gold. That of fast and furiousness…
Of eccentricity.

Clash. Swish. Cackle.

It swarms through
breaking free of confinement:
Of black and the white.
Here, the eclectic walls of blue and purple pave the way for novelty,
reflecting an old generation…
While preparing for the new.
A trait that only Tokyo finds refuge in.
A modernized city in a historical homeland.

Written by Ren Dungari

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