Jules Palton
Jules Palton | PH: Kevin Jeffries

Body & Beauty: Introducing Jules Palton

Jules Palton

Jules Palton made the conscious decision to keep his confidence and positive body image intact at an early age to prevent any issues later on in life. He resides in Houston.

Age: 27

Reside: Houston, Texas

Instagram: @iam_juelz

Jules Palton
Jules Palton | PH: FOTO119

What’s your definition of confidence? Confidence to me means being bold and brave enough to step out of your comfort zone and owning it without any doubt or care in the world. It is key to living and making it in everyday life to be who you are and whatever it is that you want to be while being the absolute best that you can be while doing it. Pure fierceness, high self-esteem, and true beauty have no face or body type when you believe in yourself and are comfortable in your skin due to your level of confidence.

Have you ever had body image issues? I have personally never really dealt with body issues that affected my mental and made me feel some way that looked down upon myself or sent me into a stage of depression etc. However, I have made it clear to myself of how I wanted and did not want my body to be in the future. Skin issues that many people encounter or deal with, from weight loss or weight gain to maintain a specific image that I feel appealed “sexy” to human and public eye, feeling like the shorter guy who had to be stocky, so I wouldn’t feel out of place were all things that I encountered or dealt with growing up. Being an athlete pretty much my entire life, from a kid all the way through college, helped me deal with any possible body issues that I may or may not have dealt with because it kept me active and helped me maintain the physical shape that I ideally wanted to look and feel.

Photography (with blanket) Kevin Jeffries | Instagram @kevinjeffries_smg

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