TaSharri’El | PH: Jerris Madison
TaSharri’El | PH: Jerris Madison

Body & Beauty: Introducing TaSharri’El


TaSharri’El explains how a girl in middle school taunted her for having skinny legs and not being “thick” caused her to have body image issues. She resides in Atlanta, GA.

Age: 19

Reside: Atlanta, GA

Instagram: @tasharrielsheree

TaSharri’El | PH: Jerris Madison
TaSharri’El | PH: Jerris Madison

What’s your definition of confidence? My definition of confidence is when a person loves every inch of who they are and what they possess on the inside and the outside — a person who remains to stay true to themselves without any form of compromise, regardless of the image portrayed through the masses.

Have you ever had body image issues? Yes. I started experiencing body image issues in middle school. I attended an all-girls school and pretty much every girl was “thick,” and I was far from it. There was this one girl who would always remind me of how skinny my legs were, and as a result, I stopped wearing skirts & leggings for a while. By my freshman year of high school, I realized that YES my legs are skinny, and I may never be thick, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I cannot continue to dwell on the things that are just out of my control. I was created this way for a reason and in my case, it just so happens to be why I’m a model.

Photographer  Jerris Madison | Instagram @jerrismogul

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