Update: Amber cover was pushed to May/June Issue. We are looking forward to working with her and presenting her cover and editorial to the world.

Amber Montague‘s kindness, social branding, and portfolio proved she is capable of becoming a household name and the face of many global brands.

In Phase 2 of the competition, the contestants were asked to present a final video showcasing their personality. Amber’s video was compelling and unique. In her video, she was asked, “What’s the hardest part about being a model?” Amber’s response was, “Transitioning into a paid model.” Very powerful statement! Models around the world can relate to being in that situation trying to earn a living. Her video helped us make the final decision in choosing her for the March cover.

Amber’s prize includes the March cover and a 6-8 page editorial. Her shoot will take place in New York City by the OBVIOUS team. She will also receive a 1-year mentorship from our Editor in Chief, Jerris Madison to help her become a well-compensated working model and brand.

Congratulations Amber! You did it!

Follow Amber’s Journey Below:

Amber Montague Submission

AMBER MONTAGUE | NEWARK, DE | 5′ 9 | AGE: 21 | Instagram: @ambermanaz

Why do you feel you are cover worthy? I feel that I am cover worthy because I have a great look that is different from others and I am confident in myself that I would rock the cover. Modeling in my eyes is a beautiful gift God gave to me and I won’t stop until I’m at the top. I want to give women hope to not only follow their dreams but also to never give up. While pursuing my dreams and aspirations, I want to make a difference in this world for the better. An opportunity with OBVIOUS Magazine would help my modeling career take off in so many ways. Thank you for this platform.

3 Words that best describe you? INFLUENCE, CONFIDENT, LOYAL



Photographer @dayaneohira
Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist  @cindy.adams

Amber’s cover photo was photographed by Michael Knight Fotografia.