Micaiah Vick

Model Watch, Micaiah Vick

Micaiah Vick rocks a million dollar smile with the brains to match. Standing at 5’11, the Brooklyn-native is fascinated by our ecosystem and the planet.

Name: Micaiah Vick

Agency, if any: N/A

Age: 20

Height: 5’11”

Instagram: @kiahthemodel

Where were you born? I was originally born in Brooklyn, New York, but grew up in Pennsylvania.

Ethnicity: African-American

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Favorite things: When I am not busy with school work, and focusing on my crafts, I love to read criminology books, and books about the purpose of life. If I have even more time throughout the day, I love going hiking and being in tune with nature. Sustaining our ecosystem is my all time favorite thing to do as of right now.

What music are you listening to at the moment? Recently, R&B and Soul have been the focal point of my day to day and my most listened to genre of music. Above all, Gospel music will always be in my atmosphere regardless of the occasion. Not to forget, Electronic songs put me in a pleasant mood.

Favorite movie, tv show: This is actually a tough question because I have a ton of favorite tv shows and movies, but my all time favorite tv show would be Blacklist. Filmwise, being involved in military anything is my passion, so American Sniper is my favorite movie over any Star Wars movies I liked to this day.

Favorite designer, fragrance or grooming/beauty product: Over the years, I was a big fan of Pharrell Willaims, and the idea of how he can make a small design become this big label, but as I got older Virgil Abloh became my favorite designer. I can talk about his work all day, but his vision of why he makes these articles of clothing is why I like him the most. I have yet to dip my feet in the best of best fragrances; nevertheless, Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein will always have my heart.

What would you be doing if you weren’t modeling? If I were not modeling– I would be trying to serve my community the best way I can as I am currently striving to do every day. I have a passion for helping others, so if I was not modeling teaching young and all adults the meaning of life would be my prime mission in life.

What’s something uncool that you love anyway? The most uncool thing that has grown on me so far is sustainability. Conserving mother nature, and everything that comes with this planet of ours. I was never a person to care about whether or not the government is cutting down trees, however, after taking this environmental science class in college, I have opened my eyes to taking actions anyway I can to help prolong the life expectancy of this earth.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country? The best thing about my hometown is the people residing there. The energy from most people you encounter is very enthusiastic. Whether you meet them at their place of work, or in a common area like a restaurant, people do not mind having fun with you, and making your day better if they can. But by the same token, the opportunity the United States of America creates for people who want to ‘go-get-it’ is why I enjoy living here.

Place you would love to visit: Although, the time of me being there may be devasting, visiting Africa is on my bucket list of sites I have to visit one day.

Which brand would you love to model? When making a decision I go off the basis of what is the reason behind it, and for that–modeling for Fear of God would be an accomplishment.

Favorite modeling experience so far? I’ve been in a couple of fashion shows in New York City, thus far, my ideal modeling experience is doing a photoshoot for Tony Surphman. This guy helped me bring out my natural poses that before that day it was somewhat hidden, or slightly not exposed as much.

Favorite season? My favorite season is spring. One day it can be windy, and that’s when I bring out my “winter fashion,” and showcase my cold gear. Then on some days when its pretty warm, and I can wear biker jeans, denim, and boots in the majestic sun while feeling cool enjoying the fact the sun is out.

Favorite junk food? Not many know how good this junk food is, but dark chocolate Peanut Chews are the love in my life. I do not eat it often, but when I do, I have to have at least two packs minimum.

Where do you feel the most stuck in your modeling career?
For some reason, when I go to take digitals to send them out to modeling agencies, it is like my natural posing switches turn off. Conversely, when I am doing a photoshoot I can quickly get the right pose to capture the story I am trying to create.

Currently, you’re obsessed with or about? Not so now, but overall, I am obsessed with cultivating a newfound way of influencing people to think a different way of thinking about a topic that they are used to thinking. I love the human brain, so if I can help others think about an idea a different way, I feel like I would make a significant impact on society.

3 Words that best describe you as a person? Determined. Caring. Corny.

Favorite entertainer or public personality? I am glad you guys asked this question because not a lot of people get recognized for their God-given talents, but Eric Thomas is my guy. The way he takes a simple topic and twists the words just right to motivate any person is why he is a great motivational speaker to me and others.

Your favorite quote? “Everything you have came from somebody’s thought.” – TD Jakes

Any shoutouts? Above all shoutouts I can ever give out I want to shout out the creator of all things on earth– God. If he did not love everyone on this earth, we would not be here to even share ideas with one another. Without Jesus Christ, nothing in life we desire is possible. Equally important, I want to shoutout OBVIOUS Magazine for giving me the opportunity to showcase my art and my aunt for pushing me to model in the first place. Her husband use to model, so he was able to tell me whether or not I can make in the industry at all, but if it were not for her continually pushing me to try modeling, and reminding me I could be something, I would not be a model to this day.

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