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Ask A Brand: Karim Noor at Karsan Clothing

Emerging streetwear brand, Karsan Clothing, pride its brand on quality, comfortability, and performance with its core focus on millennials and working professionals.

When and where did Karsan Clothing start? Karsan Clothing launched in February 2019 at the Project NOW Show in Las Vegas. Karsan Clothing is designed in Toronto and manufactured in Los Angeles.

How did you come up with the name? Karsan is the sir name of our creative directory, Rahim Karsan. We chose the name because it is mysterious yet familiar while having a strong, masculine sound, which we felt adequately reflected our brand.

Describe your brand in three words. Quality. Clean (style). Edgy.

Karsan Clothing

Explain your retail price points? Our retail price points are higher than the average product in streetwear, but it’s because of the quality of our products – we use high-quality cotton like Supima, Swiss zippers (Riri), and even taping and binding to provide exceptional finish both inside and outside. We offer the same quality and finish as top designer brands for less.

Is your brand available for wholesale? Yes, our products can be purchased through our wholesale site on Joor.

Your fabrics are very soft and comfortable. What’s your process? We source only the highest quality yarns and work with fabric mills directly to customize the yarn blends to create a standard that meets the expectations that Karsan Clothing’s demands.

We purchase the fabric in raw format from the fabric mills allowing us full control for custom dying and professional washing/drying methods –enabling us to produce soft but structured fabrics with just the right amount of stretch, giving our finished products the ability to move and give as you were it in virtually any environment.

Karsan Clothing

Being new to retail, is there anything you are afraid of? Karim Noor, Chief Operating Officer, has over 20 years of experience in retail and wholesale, so he understands what it takes to succeed. However, since our focus is on quality, we have to establish our brand in the market.

It is for this reason that we partnered with the Media Playground PR company. Since partnering with them, they have done a lot to start establishing our brand on various celebrities from the NFL to the big screen.

How has social media helped your brand? So much has changed in the clothing business. Today, consumers use Instagram to see what their Influencers are wearing, which has a profound impact on what they and others wear. It is for this reason that we post pictures of our product every week, as well as celebrities wearing our gear. It is a new way to build a brand and get established.

Karsan Clothing

Any plans for other products for Karsan? Our focus is on streetwear and active wear. We want to remain focused on these categories so that we can provide the best possible product.

Currently, we focus on two categories: The first is clothing that is perfect for daily commuting and lounging that also allows you to cross over into the evening. This category of clothing is a cross between streetwear and contemporary. The second category that we are providing is performance gear for the gym and sports.

We wanted to allow our customer to wear the same refined and edgy Karsan style right into the gym. Our performance line will enable them to do that. And the complete collection is cohesive, allowing our customers to mix our streetwear with our performance gear, while still looking thoroughly put together.

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