“I always have to choose the designs that fit my brand’s image:
fun and sexy” – Courtney Allegra

How do you balance modeling and running a swimwear business?

I feel like modeling and designing go hand in hand. I love being able to model my own designs sometimes, and I’m never lacking wardrobe for test shoots! I always find time to work on new designs, whether it be on my days off from modeling or during lunch at a job! 


What was your inspiration for your Spring/Summer Collection?

The inspiration for this year’s SS/2017 collection is France! I adore Nice and Toulon in particular, and some of the delectable desserts I’ve had there serve as the inspiration behind this line! 

What challenges do you face as a designer?

I come across lots of challenges being a designer, but I’d have to say that the most difficult is deciding a theme or inspiration for a season. I go back and forth between lots of really cool ideas and vibes in the months leading up to fashion week, but I always have to choose the designs that fit my brand’s image:  fun and sexy. 

A dream location to shoot a Courtney Allegra campaign?

A dream location to shoot a Courtney Allegra Swim campaign and a place that I haven’t been to yet is Bora Bora. I’d love to design a special collection based on Tahitian culture and shoot the look book there!
Instagram: @itscourtneyallegra


Photographer  Jared Thomas Kocka. Courtney Allegra is wearing Courtney Allegra Swim.