Rozaliya designer, Rozaliya Tinkova uses a holistic approach to her designs to promote healing and clarity making her the biggest crystal jewelry designer in the world.

“The only way to liberation is not to have doubts and to assume that you are already what you wish to be.” – Guru Padmasambhava

What inspired you to do a jewelry line?

I am inspired mostly by the spiritual world and always look into ways to understand people and how they achieve their goals and how to help themselves. And with our jewelry, we can actually help people without being in direct contact with them. The crystals are very powerful tools to touch everyone’s heart and to help him or her in this times of personal transformation.

I started with the jewelry line because I wanted to combine the power of crystals with symbols which can influence the physical and finer human bodies. Crystals are like a friend – they can connect to our energy centers and balance them. The symbols protect the crystals from other influences and thus making them stronger. We make the jewelry for happiness, joy and a better life.

Who is your customer?

We have all different kinds of clients: women and men, young and elders. Everyone who wears our jewelry spread the message of crystal healing and holistic jewelry. Our customers are brave, courageous people who are not afraid to wear something unusual and out of the box. Our new line ‘Five Elements’, created for celebrities, is a one-of-a-kind collection of unique designs.
Your jewelry has a zen and spiritual undertone about it. Was this done on purpose?

Yes, of course. Our jewelry is made especially to serve spiritual people and to open doors for spirituality for everyone who is ready for that. Most people think that spiritual jewelry should be something simple that everyone should understand. We believe that spiritual jewelry can be modern, fashionable and cool. Everyone can wear it no matter if he believes in it or not. It will always help. We use more than 800 symbols and 200 types of crystal making us the biggest spiritual crystal jewelry collection in the world.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you launched?

I learned that all my jewelry really helps people and changes their lives, their attitudes toward everything. Now I have more confidence as a designer and received many testimonies about our jewelry. I believe that everything happens at the perfect time and the process of learning and growth is beautiful. I would not change anything.

Any advice you would give to anyone interested in starting a jewelry line?

To find inspiration in everything and to believe in themselves. I have never designed anything before I started with the jewelry line and now we have more than 1500 models. If you work from your heart, you will create beautiful things and will always be on the right path.
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