Best Sunglasses for 'Summer' and Winter Vacations
Ray-Ban Erika Classic

Best Sunglasses for Summer and Winter Vacations

As you pack for your ‘summer’ vacation during the winter in the States, don’t forget your sunglasses no matter your personal style.

The polar vortex is coming upon us; however, a lot of you are traveling abroad to relax during the summer months in various countries overseas. We’ve selected some of our favorite styles to help you bring your look to life.

You should always don sunglasses during the daylight hours because they protect your eyes against the sun’s UV rays, which could otherwise lead to cataracts. Whether a formal setting or a dress-down day event, the sunglasses listed below are classic to bold. Don’t forget your sunscreen (SPF 50+ preferred).

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Ray-Ban Erika Classic
Ray-Ban Erika Classic

Ladies, if you love classic eyewear, the Ray-Ban Erika Classic is perfect for you.

Eagle Eyes FitOn®

Eagle Eyes FitOn
Eagle Eyes FitOn

If you prefer the ultimate protection for your eyes, try these Eagle Eyes FitOn sunglasses and recommended for sunbathing. They come in two styles.

L.G.R Asamara Explorer

L.G.R Asamara Explorer
L.G.R Asamara Explorer

L.G.R Asamara Explorer sunglasses can be worn with your favorite suit, buttoned-down shirt with shorts or with jeans and a t-shirt. Available in two styles.

Eagle Eyes Jets & Quinn Sunglasses

Eagle Eyes Jet & Quinn Sunglasses
Eagle Eyes Jet | Quinn Sunglasses

Eagle Eyes offer affordable sunglasses for Men. The Jet and Quinn styles are perfect for a beach vacation in The Maledives or Carribean.
$89.95 (Jet)
$79.95 (Quinn)

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