Nola Black

Nola Black: The Truth of Matter

For their SS19 collection, Nola Black explores the nuances of balance through the Yoga poses of Sandra Patrick.

Life moves forward by way of time and experience. There are times when the journey is an adventure, but on the other side are moments that require strength, agility, and intuition. How you position yourself gives you an advantage: Balance.

The designs which play upon dimension, proportions, and asymmetry are tested as wearable pieces to become works of art. By allowing the garments to fall naturally, we are forced to see the importance of balance and taking a stance to overcome challenges. Some poses are grounding while others hinge on the idea of being laid on a shaky foundation.

With minimal color and simple, yet well-defined patterns, the images reflect how life at times can be a raw and unglamorous experience. We are given an authentic look at design, art, and beauty through an unfiltered scope; flawless and intriguing even through the struggle that we call life. / Instagram: @nolablackng

Creative Direction: @arin_nolablack
Photographer: Kene Nwatu
Subject: @onhermat


Nola Black presents: Life In(m)balance

Recognizing that life and things in life can spin out unexpected outcomes, we seek to explore balance as a method of control. The alertness of holding these positions helps us to find and sustain equilibrium through the ups and downs of life. Through continuous practice, yoga encourages calm even in disarray. Live in balance amid imbalance. By way of this project, Nola Black seeks to explore its tenet of finding and sustaining balance and harmony synonymous to the polarity that exists between black and white. This is a real-life photography profile of Yoga expert and subject, Sandra Patrick. Clad in our SS19 pieces, skilfully shot by Kene Nwatu, a distinct young photographer, showing us a true session in Sandra’s daily life. Allowing the forms drop where they will, we confront all with the tranquillity.

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