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Ask A Brand: Ranger Station

Ranger Station | Steve Soderholm

There are moments when you are in a space and flowing through the air is a scent that transports you to back to a memory.  To create an experience that’s inspired by scent is the achieved goal of Steve Soderholm, the founder of Ranger Station.  

Some scents can undoubtedly be described as intoxicatingly masculine. Leather, tobacco, and timber are just a few of the scents that go into Ranger Stations hand-poured candles and personal fragrances with one of their line of their candles having a dual purpose.  If you’ve ever lit a candle and thought about what the next step of relaxation would be, all you’d have to do is patiently wait, and you’ll end up with a perfect glass for your favorite whiskey. 

Whether it’s to provoke thought, exhilarate or stir emotion, you don’t have to look any further to find the perfect scent yourself for your space.

Ranger Station
Ranger Station


Describe your brand in three words. Clean. Simple. Masculine.

How many people work with you to help perfect your brand aesthetic? Three. It is just my wife, my brother and myself. I find it easier to stay true to the brand by keeping the branding team small. We all understand what the brand is and where it is going so, we never try to make it something it is not. 

 We love the minimalistic approach to your branding. Was this on purpose?

Absolutely. Our philosophy in work and life is that the currency of our lives lies in the experiences we create and the memories we make. We are merely trying to facilitate more of that in our customer’s life through a clean product. 

Ranger Station | Oakmoss Perfume
Ranger Station | Oakmoss Perfume

Any plans to explain to home fragrances and other items that involve scents? We currently hand pour candles, hand formulate personal fragrance, and mix reed diffusers. We have tons of ideas for expanding the product line but focusing on increasing the selection of scents in our current lines as well as bringing our products to a broader range of customers.

Ideal client(s)? Anyone who understands that money does not define success but realizes that creating unique spaces and experiences for those we are close to is what really brings us joy. 

Ranger Station
Ranger Station

Steve, growing up, who and what was your inspiration? Music has always been my inspiration. That is what landed me in Nashville. I always wanted to be a drummer and looked up to the likes of Steve Jordan and Chris McHugh. After finishing school in Nashville, I freelanced for about four years which is when I started Ranger Station as a side hustle. It very quickly became my full-time gig. 

Ranger Station | Tobacco + Musk Candle
Ranger Station | Tobacco + Musk Candle

How did you come up with the name of the company? When my brother and I first moved to Nashville, we lived in an old house that used to be a Ranger Station. The area is now developed, but the owner of the house decided to preserve the Ranger Station. As you can guess, we always referred to the house as the Ranger Station, and some of my favorite memories took place there. 

Any shout outs? Jesus, my wife, and my brother who all keep me encouraged and sane.

www.rangerstation.com / Instagram: @rangerstation.co

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