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Body & Beauty: Introducing Juniee Bee

Juniee Bee | PH: Jerome C.

Juniee Bee

Juniee Bee | PH: Jerome C.
Juniee Bee | PH: Jerome C.

Juniee Bee expresses her personality, and not her looks define her beauty. She feels beauty comes from within and resides in Orlando, FL.

Age: 25

Where do you reside: Orlando, FL

Instagram? @juniee_bee

What’s your definition of confidence? Confidence, to me, is knowing exactly who you are. And accepting and loving every piece of YOU. Unapologetically, YOU.

Juniee Bee | PH: Jerome C.
Juniee Bee | PH: Jerome C.

Have you ever had body image issues? No.

How do you see beauty? Beauty comes from within. You feel beautiful; you look beautiful. Confidence is key!

What makes you beautiful? I think people are most attracted my facial features like my cheekbones and my jawline. But I wouldn’t say that makes me beautiful. I think my personality is what makes me a beautiful person. So pure and humble.

Favorite junk food(s)? Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with POTATOES!!! Any type of potato, I’m there! And my favorite chocolate is Reese’s.

Photographer: Jerome C. | Instragam @socphotography

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