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Body & Beauty: Introducing LeBron Stephen Daniel

LeBron Stephen Daniel | PH: Hassan Richardson

LeBron Stephen Daniel

LeBron Stephen Daniel explains what confidence means to him and how he overcame depression after surviving a car accident. He resides in Atlanta, GA.

Age: 29

Where do you reside: Atlanta, Georgia

Instagram: @bronstepiv

LeBron Stephen Daniel | PH: Hassan Richardson
LeBron Stephen Daniel | PH: Hassan Richardson

What’s your definition of confidence? My definition of confidence is being comfortable enough in your own skin to prevail past fear. Confidence is possessing the propensity to set astronomical mental/physical goals and give high-level energy in pursuit to attain those goals. Accepting failure and fighting the good fight the next day with more focus. Confidence is realizing that nothing is impossible.

Have you ever had body image issues? About a year ago, I weighed 270 pounds after gaining 20 pounds from my playing weight of 250 pounds. ( I played college and pro football, and I played at 250 pounds as an outside linebacker/ defensive end. I was depressed after getting into a car accident, being confused about my true life passions and I could not stop eating. On 12/4/2017, I made a conscious decision to improve my diet and workout capacity exponentially alongside starting intermittent fasting paired with a vitamin/mineral complex. A year later, I’m 207 pounds and enjoying an aspiring acting/modeling career.

Photographer: Hassan Richardson | Instagram: @rarifilmz

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  1. Inspiring expression of making a conscious decision to invoke life changing results. I’d like to consider LeBron to be a guest on an upcoming Health and Wellness Show.

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