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The Goddess Aesthetic Vegan Skincare By Vanessa Peters

Goddess Aesthetic Vegan Skincare

Vanessa Peters

Vanessa Peters created the Goddess Aesthetic as an incentive to her Vegan lifestyle while being conscious of what she puts on her skin as well as what she puts into her body.

We sampled her most requested products: 24-Karat Gold Flake Glow Oil and the Body Butter. Not only do they smell great but they are both made of natural products that enhance your skin. Vanessa sat down with OBVIOUS Magazine to talk about what inspired her to create her skincare products and her journey.

We love your body butter and glow oil! What inspired your brand?

I had been Vegan for about six months in pursuit of a slimmer, healthier me and the Vegan community at large is big into knowing everything that goes on their skin as well as what goes into their bodies.

I began to create the Body Butters & Bronzing Oils, Maya, Mami-Wata, and Makeda specifically, for myself because I could, quite frankly. My friends started to notice the glow my skin was emitting rather than the flat or dry skin I would’ve generally deal with. They loved it and wanted me to make some products for them as well. I concluded that I might as well make it for everyone and sell it.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what were you doing before you launched your brand?

I am still a freelance photographer, videographer, writer and I also launched a podcast called the sofXposh podcast. My guests and I debate and discuss everything from relationships to racism, so between all of that as well as my eventual launch of The Goddess Aesthetic, I was kept fairly busy.

Describe your brand in three words?

Ethereal, Divine and Sensual

How has social media helped your brand?

Social Media in general, helps generate a higher level of visibility to any brand, this has been the case for myself and The Goddess Aesthetic. It isn’t perfect, but it is a tool, and I am continually finding new ways to utilize it.

What are your plans for your brand?

Growth. That’s all I or anyone else can ever hope for, growth and blessings.

What is your favorite quote that keeps you motivated?

“I know there are a million women out there who look better than me, which is why I make sure I have far more to offer than just my physical appearance” – Unknown

Instagram @activateyourgoddessaesthetic

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