Dmitry Zhitov – mesmerizing filmmaking and photographer, talks about his vision and more

Dmitry Zhitov – mesmerizing filmmaking and photographer, talks about his vision and more

Dmitry Zhitov is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, a visual artist. He has earned multiple awards for Best Director, Best Film, and Best Cinematographer in national and international film festivals in Los Angeles, Miami, London, and Madrid.

Dmitry Zhitov – mesmerizing filmmaking and photographer, talks about his vision and more
Courtesy of Dmitry Zhitov

Dmitry Zhitov Interview

When doing photography, what’s your creative process?

Dmitry Zhitov: Before every photoshoot, I like to meet the talent in person or at least talk on the phone. I like feeling the energy of the person I am going to photograph, not just the ideas for the shoot. Then I create a moodboard. 

When we meet for the photo shoot, I like to take my time, get to know the person more, and start creating. My main goal is to bring out that personality in the most creative way I can. 

Do you use the same process when you are doing film work as well?

Dmitry Zhitov: I do! When I work on music videos, I usually meet the artist for lunch/coffee and talk. We listen to the song and developed an idea for the video. I like my music videos to be as creative as my photoshoots. 

Where did you grow up? 

Dmitry Zhitov: I grew up on a farm in snowy Siberia. Yes, it was cold, but I loved it. We had a lot of animals on the farm and a vast garden. My family kept bees, and my father used smoke when he was harvesting the honey, it was mesmerizing. I think that is one of the reasons I love using smoke in my photoshoots. It makes it mysterious and brings warm memories from my childhood. 

How did your upbringing inspire you as a creative?

Dmitry Zhitov: When I was ten, my mom gave me my first film camera. We got everything for developing the film and taking photos. This was when creativity started developing. I love taking pictures of my parents and brother, all the animals on the farm, and the trees in the forest. My parents gave me all the freedom I could get and supported my creative side. 

Who would you love to collaborate with? Your dream client (s) (explain why) 

Dmitry Zhitov: I work with many artists, especially singers creating their Cover Art for singles and albums. I would love to work with Marilyn Manson because his style tells everything. We can be beyond creativity. Mylene Farmer because I grew up watching her music videos, and they inspire me so much, and she is stunning. Grace Jones because she embodies characters. We could create something extraordinary together. 

Dmitry Zhitov – mesmerizing filmmaking and photographer, talks about his vision and more
Courtesy of Dmitry Zhitov

Does social media hinder your exposure as a creative or benefit it?

Dmitry Zhitov: Social Media definitely helps creative people to showcase their art. I love sharing my work on Social Media and enjoy other creators’ work. I get a lot of clients from SM and a lot of collaborations. 

Favorite location to shoot?

Dmitry Zhitov: I love shooting in the studio, where I can control the light, or if I shoot outdoors, I love shooting after sunset, where I can get very creative with lights. 

Courtesy of Dmitry Zhitov
Courtesy of Dmitry Zhitov

Favorite vacation spot?

Dmitry Zhitov: Traveling is my other passion. My favorite place is Paris. I even had a multi-sensory exhibition, “Paris,” where I took the audience on a virtual journey to the City of Light. While taking photographs of Paris and its people, I recorded its sounds, music, streets, coffee shops, and fashion show. So people could see and hear “My Paris.” 

What project have you worked on that made you realize you were doing what you were called to do creatively?

Dmitry Zhitov: While working on a documentary in Cuba, I started taking photographs of locals. When I returned to Miami and showed my work to my friend’s art director, she told me to create an exhibition. After that, I realized that this is my calling in photography and visual art. 

Explain your style in three words.

  1. Creative. 
  2. Smokey. 
  3. Colorful.

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