Oh So Smooth - Hair Removal with The JOVS Venus Pro
Image courtesy of JOVS Venus Pro

Oh So Smooth: Hair Removal with The JOVS Venus Pro

We had the opportunity to test the JOVS Venus Pro, the first device of its kind that removes unwanted hair and helps to decrease the signs of aging.

One thing that shifted the beauty and skincare industry was a push for convenience. Particularly through 2020 and 2021, the ongoing pandemic has seen a surge of at-home available procedures and products for things that would typically require you to see a professional. 

In this instance, we look at the popularity of hair removal and the varying ways you can accomplish this at home. You can use traditional shaving products or over-the-counter depilatory creams, or even at-home wax kits – each of which having its results with differing pros and cons. (Trust us, we’ve tried them all.)

But no matter what method you choose, usually, none of these at-home products make the removal permanent until now. 

Through a completely painless process, thanks to its built-in skin-cooling ICE technology, you can treat your entire body for permanent hair removal using intense pulsed light technology that heats and kills hair follicles with flashes of light.

We almost couldn’t believe it ourselves, but the fact that something like this exists and is not only convenient but lasts a lifetime was something we knew we had to try.

Six interchangeable device heads were created for different parts of the body, including the bikini area, face, legs, underarms, and arms. The last device head is the skin rejuvenation attachment for anti-aging effects like plumping wrinkles, firming skin, creating collagen, and smoothing fine lines. 

Here’s what’s included in the JOVS Venus Pro kit:

  • JOVS Venus Pro
  • Face Filter Attachment 1cm²
  • Arm Filter Attachment 3cm²
  • Bikini Filter Attachment 2cm²
  • Leg Filter Attachment 3.6cm²
  • Underarms Filter Attachment 3.6cm²
  • Skin Rejuvenation Attachment 3cm²
JOVS Venus Pro
Image courtesy of JOVS Venus Pro

You can effectively use The JOVS Venus Pro in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Shave and dry your skin.
Step 2: Choose the correct head for your treatment area.
Step 3: Choose from one of the six modes and begin your 10-minute treatment.
Step 4: The ICE technology will keep your skin cool during hair removal.
Step 5: When you’ve finished, put on your favorite moisturizer.

The JOVS Venus Pro retails at $429 and includes free delivery, sold exclusively at CurrentBody, The Beauty Device Experts


  • First ever anti-aging and hair removal device
  • Innovative 180° rotating head for precision
  • Built-in ICE technology cools the skin for painless treatments
  • Skin rejuvenating attachment head boosts collagen production
  • 6 treatment heads, 6 energy modes and 500,000 flashes for professional-level results
  • Treat your entire body in 10 minutes

Purchase your JOVS Venus Pro by clicking HERE.

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