Ryan Darius Nickulas

Conversing With Ryan Darius Nickulas + 5 Things Men Should Invest In

New York-based hairstylist Ryan Darius Nickulas sits down with us to discuss how he balances fatherhood with his hectic career, long-term professional relationship with Ethel Kennedy, and a must-have checklist for men.

You were on LOGO’s The A-List: New York for two seasons. Do you have any plans on returning to reality television?

There are always conversations in the works. I have shot a couple of things recently. I’m still open to the opportunity.

New York or LA?

I will always love NYC!

With the surge of ‘Social Media Hair Stylist’ becoming popular, how do you stay relevant in such a competitive market?

It’s important to keep up with trends BUT stay true to your style as a stylist at the same time. I have had the same clients for over ten years. Staying consistent with my work as we evolve with style and color is my strength.

Ryan Darius Nickulas

You’ve been hitting the gym pretty substantial over the past year. What inspired this fitness journey?

I remember how I felt when my kids were four months old. Jumping down the rabbit hole of fatherhood is insane. I had sleepless nights, stress full days, and a considerable weight gain. I needed the gym for a mental and physical reset. I also wanted to be a healthy father. Now, my kids tell me I look like a superhero – it’s silly, but I love it!

Dream Client?

Michelle Obama. I would put her hair in a ponytail before a SoulCycle class!

Favorite Celeb client so far?

Hands down, Ethel Kennedy. I met Ethel when I was 24 years old. She was getting a manicure while watching me work one day. I had no idea who she was. The next day I was invited to the infamous Kennedy Compound to style her for an invent. She told me, many famous hairstylists had done her hair over the years, and I had the same passion and talent. That cosigning compliment gave me the confidence to pursue a career beyond Cape Cod.

Any plans for a haircare line in the future?

The market is very saturated at the moment. I love to partner with brands to work on product development and creative direction. I feel it’s essential to bring the “behind the chair perspective” to point people who don’t work in the field. It’s the difference between what stays successful and what fails. I’m very proud and honored to work with Platinum Seamless Hair Extention. I joined them over ten years ago. I have learned so much watching a small brand grow into the powerhouse it is today.

With your busy career, how do you balance being a full-time father to twins and being married?

It takes a village! Time management is also vital. I try my best to keep my need simple and get most things done when the kids are asleep.

Is social media a plus or negative for your brand?

Social media is only a positive for me. It’s a 24/7 online portfolio that can easily be updated. It lets a new client into your world and gives them the ability to see a curated representation of you.

What else can we expect from you in 2018?

2018 is going to be a fun year. I’m involved in a few projects coming out very soon. I have my hands in everything from hair care, to underwear. I’m family focused as my kids prepare for kindergarten. Wow! Time sure flies, I’m glad I feel like a superhero too!

Ryan Darius Nickulas

5 Things Every Man Should Invest In:

Bright Smile
Crest Whitestrips work. A smile does not need to be perfect, but it should sparkle.

Classic Watch
Investing in a timepiece can last you over a decade. A watch is something you can wear every day and makes a statement.

Skincare Regimen
I’m obsessed with SkinMedica. After I wash my face, I use the TNS Serum and the HA5 Hydrator. Do a little research. Find a dermatologist to help you find a skincare line that’s best for you.

Dark Denim Jeans
The perfect fitted jean can be an investment. I usually buy two and tailor the lengths different for boots or sneakers. Paired your jeans with a t-shirt or a blazer.

I don’t mean that $15 barbershop cut. Good haircare theses days starts from within. Keeping the fullness and shine you had in your early 20’s is critical. I love Ziering Medical ZPro and the Z82. The results are amazing! For more info check out ZieringMedical.com

Photographer Kensey Jean | Instagram @kenseyjean
Director of Photography Evan Gutman
Groomer Chris Lanston
Stylist Engie Hassan

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