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Makeup Artist, B Wilson Keeps It Real About Makeup and Skin Care

Makeup Artist, B Wilson opens up about ‘Instagram Makeup Artists’ and why getting proper training under seasoned professional MUA artists is key to your longevity.

“Take pride in your work, if this is something that you love and want to go the distance. Take classes, and study under a more seasoned Makeup Artists. Don’t copy what you see online. Be you! What people see online that’s authentically you will get you paid in this industry.”

– B Wilson

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How long have you been doing makeup, and how did you get started? 

I have been doing makeup longer than I care to admit. Easily over 20yrs but professionally about 14 years. I started a long time ago when I use to help a very good friend of mine do drag, so I learn makeup and wigs from some seriously talented gurls! 

It taught me a lot, especially how to make something out of nothing. To this day, many of the techniques I learned are still apart of my makeup applications.

Who are your influences? 

There are so many talented artists out there, but if I have to name my OG favorites, my number 1 is Kevyn Aucoin. I still have every last one of his books. Roque Cozzette, Danessa Myricks, Billy B., Pat McGrath, Scott Barnes, and Dany Sanz are all in my top when it comes to artistry.

Everyone on my list, except for Kevyn, I have either assisted or have been trained by them. All are unique artists and exceptionally talented, and yes, I will be shady and add that they are all real artists, not someone who merely posts pretty pics online. 

Makeup Artist B Smith

What’s your take on Makeup vs. Skin Care? 

You CANNOT have one without the other. Beautiful makeup begins with a stellar skincare routine. The product will not lay correctly on rough, bumpy skin; highlighters will show texture, oily skin will separate foundations. I could go on. 

When most of my clients sit in my chair, I access their skin before anything. Many issues you have with your makeup is DIRECTLY associated with your skincare or lack thereof. The two indeed do go hand in hand.

What’s one skincare and one makeup product you can’t do without? 

For skincare, I can’t live without my Tatcha One Step Camellia Oil Cleanser. It’s a must for every makeup wearer. As for makeup, I love my eyes, so I would say a great mascara is something that is a daily must. Right now, I am crushing on Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara.  

You have a podcast called “The Luxe Bride,”. What made you want to take the podcast approach towards beauty? 

Me having so much to say, honestly! There are so many more topics that I don’t have the time to share on the blog, not to mention bringing in special guests to shed light on issues that I may not be well versed. 

It’s something my followers can take listen to while on the go and get some great advice along the way. For 2020, I am working on the suggestions from my listeners. I want to give insight into all the topics they want to hear.

Makeup Artist B Smith

Though you do all types of makeup, what made you go more toward bridal makeup? 

I love getting dressed up. Years ago, when a close friend was getting married, or senior year at college, I saw first hand how special this day is to not only the bride but to many of the people around them. 

I wanted to ensure that every single person who sat in my chair felt special and was the most beautiful version of themselves on their wedding day. 

For many, it is once in a lifetime and deserves to be treated as such, so the typical 30-min application isn’t going to cut it. My brides received what I have dubbed the ‘Just B Beautiful’ experience, spa skin care, flawless application, and even aromatherapy is sometimes added to the package. We also offer hair and nail services for the wedding day, which are just as luxurious.

Makeup Artist B Smith

What’s a beauty trend that you love at the moment? 

The 10-step skincare (it’s a Korean process). Beautiful skin starts with healthy skin.

What’s a beauty pet peeve of yours? 

Pick 80% of what you see on Instagram. In all honesty, it’s the lack of originality and seriousness in the beauty world today. People copy one another with the wrong techniques. People are calling themselves artists but have never taken the time to train under a seasoned professional.

Which celebrity’s glam have you been into as of late? 

There are so many I can barely choose. I have always been a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez; she does no wrong in my eyes. Priyanka Chopra, Gabrielle Union, and Rhianna have all been on top of my list.

What’s one piece of advice that was helpful to you that you would pass on to up and coming MUA’s? 

Take pride in your work, if this is something that you love and want to go the distance, take classes, and study under a more seasoned artist. Don’t just copy what you see online. Be you! What people see online that’s authentically you will get you paid in this industry.

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