XYZ Officially Launches Domains For Skin, Hair, Makeup, and Beauty
Photo by Adrienne Andersen from Pexels

XYZ Officially Launches Domains For Skin, Hair, Makeup, and Beauty

Through the XYZ Registry (, brands are securing their unique domains to separate themselves from the widely used [dot]com. Without question, the future is beautifully spelled out for easy access and transparency. 

Having a domain name is one step. Having clarity within it is a significant leap. 

There was a time when just being on the World Wide Web map was enough to get recognized. Now that we are in the age of social media, brands are clamoring for the attention of specific pools of consumers. 

It is ever more important to differentiate yourself within the vast hoard of websites where [dot]-com’s reign as the supreme URL ending. 

The truth is people want to find what they are looking for without feeling frustrated or confused. They want the process to be easy, and brands certainly want the same- this is how they earn sales faster and beat out the competition. But there is a growing problem. 

It is getting harder for consumers to find precisely what they are looking for among the many URLs having similar spellings to what they are searching for. 

Think about a time you typed in a specific brand web address and redirected to a different company or a broken link. You then try Google only to search through pages or resort to a social media search to locate the correct website. 

People are continually searching for specific products and services that will suit their lives and bring value- but it needs to be seamless. 

One way for brands to bring value without any confusion is through being direct with the understanding that the way consumers operate has changed. They want to know precisely what they are getting. 

The value of transparency in business needs to be consistently set as a priority to continue to thrive. With so many businesses launching in several niche markets, specificity cannot just be an idea, and it must be executed. 

How easy would it be to have a company say “we are a skincare brand” by having it built into the URL? 

Now, that is possible, and people are catching on. Not only does this separate a brand from the vast pool of websites that can mean so many things, but it also expands the possibilities of business ideas. 

XYZ.XYZ Registry Officially Launches Domains For Skin, Hair, Makeup, and Beauty

How to register on XYZ.XYZ

Through the XYZ Registry (, brands will be able to register their specific domain names under their industry category with the following URL endings: 

  • .beauty 
  • .makeup 
  • .hair
  • .skin 

According to XYZ CEO, Daniel Negari, this is a breakthrough that states, “these extensions will give millions of beauty brands and professions a chance to hear a modern, memorable, industry-specific domain name.” 

Although right now, these domain extensions are only available to trademark holders, starting March 2, 2021, they will be open to the general public. This gives small business and entrepreneurs the space they need to see their business thrive. 

Their owners have secured the following domains: 

  • and a multitude of others. 

Many industries are looking to secure a space or further their reach in the beauty industry. They have placed themselves within a unique tier that will allow them to dominate through difference. 

With this latest innovation, the future of beauty is proving to be one of longevity. 

Photo by Adrienne Andersen from Pexels

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