2021 Visionaries to Watch: Celina Myers, Influencer

2021 Visionaries to Watch: Celina Myers, Influencer

A passion for all things spooky and a wicked sense of humor have catapulted Celina Myers, aka Celina Spookyboo, to social media stardom. 

With more than 21+ million followers on Tiktok, Celina is considered the queen of all things spooktacular. 

Celina has nurtured an organic connection with her followers, who consider her a friend and know they can always rely on her for a bit of escapism.

Celina is passionate about supporting the Multiple Sclerosis Society as her mother has MS. She is also helping homeless people in her area and created the “Fill the Hearse With Love” campaign, which provided backpacks and essential items to those in need. 

Additionally, Celina’s entrepreneurial spirit has turned her obsession with the paranormal world into various successful ventures. She has authored three best-selling supernatural books, hosts her weekly podcast “The Haunted Estate,” and created an in-demand make-up and beauty line titled, BeautyXBoo.

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Celina Myers Interview

Your passion for all things paranormal is such a niche approach to your platform. Being able to cross that over to many successful endeavors is very impressive. Why do you think such a large audience has been able to gravitate to that so well?

Celina Myers: No matter the content I make or the things I create, I always try just to be myself. I feel a connection to my following because of this, and we can relate better because I’m just me – that’s what seems to be what they love. The genre of content isn’t as important when you can be true to yourself and make a real connection with real people.

Most influencers promote other brands and lifestyles, but you’ve created your own through your books and media, and you’ve created an incredible initiative with “Fill the Hearse With Love.” Why are movements like this so important for people to develop?

Celina Myers: The world we live in seems to get crazier all the time, and no matter what your following is or who you are, helping others is the best way to make a change in the world. 

I loved doing stuff like this even when I didn’t have a following – Once I started having more of a voice, it was amazing to have a more significant impact in helping when and where I can. Movements like this are essential because the world will always have people, animals, and ecosystems in need. Who better to help than all of us that are here now?

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What advice would you give others who want to turn creative endeavors into full-fledged businesses that can thrive in such a competitive market?

Celina Myers: Be true to yourself and create something original that reflects that. As a supporter of people I love, my favorite ways to support them are buying things that tell a story about them and who they are. 

If you have a following you love, and they love you, then stay with that and complement it instead of trying something unrelated. Falling in love with people because of what they are doing as creators makes me want to share in their journey, and I want to have something of theirs that helps me do that!

What is next for Celina Myers?

Celina Myers:  I have my next book coming out this holiday season called “Hollow“! Also, keep an eye out for a super snuggly merch drop coming very soon! The most important thing, though, is making people smile. 

I hope that will be coming with my next TikTok because we all love smiling, and I want to see more of it because that’s what makes me love what I’m doing!

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