5 Questions with Nicola Gastaldi

Nicola Gastaldi

5 Questions with Nicola Gastaldi
Nicola Gastaldi

3 Words that describe your work? Minimal, Geometric, Mind-bending

Dream brand collaboration(s)? Adidas, Nike, Puma

Where did you grow up? In a tiny town, Cremona, in the north of Italy. Beautiful and dreadful, you had to keep yourself busy in some way not to die of boredom.

A lot of movement and bold colors is used in your work. Why so? I always loved MC Escher and Zbigniew Rybczynski work. They are able to tell neverending stories creating endless illusions. (See video below)

Did you choose 3d media or did it choose you? 3d is a comfort zone now. I’ve been working with it for years. I tried to use perspectives in a different way, though, managing to subvert, in some of my loops, the expectations of the viewer. I also used 2d programs and in some loops, I’ve used just a marker on a piece of paper. ■

gasta.org  |  Instagram @gastanuke


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