Faithe And The Future: Conversing with Actress Faithe Herman
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Faithe & The Future: Actress Faithe Herman

From starring in the critically acclaimed show, ‘This Is Us’ on NBC while also starring in the blockbuster movie Shazam which grossed over $366 million, now with a sequel in the works, thirteen-year-old actress Faithe Herman remains kind, caring, and family-centered. 

Let’s find out how the budding San Diego-native has gotten to do it all at such a young age.

So I hear you love tie-dye; what have you tie-dyed recently? I actually tie-dyed the shirt I’m wearing today!

Faithe Herman: I haven’t tie-dyed in a while, but I love to do shirts, scrunchies, and socks when I do tie-dye. I mainly like using pink, purple, orange, and yellow. One day, I would like to try the bleach method like the shirt you made!

What are some other things or hobbies that you like to do with your family? 

Faithe Herman: I love to bake with my sister. She and I have been baking a lot. We’ve made red velvet cupcakes and strawberry cakes. I really love doing that because strawberry is my favorite flavor! 

How do you prepare for each role? Do you have a routine before getting into character that day?

Faithe Herman: Usually, my mom gets the script first, then she and I read it together and go through the scenes to know what’s going on in the timing of that scene and when I come into the story. I really love getting to know my character. 

I like to know her style, personality, feelings in that scene, or what she’s doing while it’s happening. I want to break up the lines into parts if it’s a paragraph, and then I keep repeating the lines in my head to memorize them. It gets easier to remember the character and lines every time I rehearse.

What was it like seeing a grown-up version of your ‘This Is Us’ character, Annie, played by Iyana Halley, on-screen?

Faithe Herman: It was actually really exciting because I wasn’t sure if Annie was alive or what she looked like in the future. So, seeing a glimpse of her on-screen this season was really cool. 

The way Annie transitions into an adult, from my version of her to Iyana’s adult version of her, was really beautiful. It’s great seeing that she still has her curly hair, and she’s wearing that signature floral print – it was just really amazing. 

Plus, seeing her engaged and having a powerful bond with her sister, Tess, was really special. Especially with how she kept her sister’s big secret until Tess herself was ready to share it with the world.

What is it like having only sisters in your TV family but having brothers and sisters in real life? 

Faithe Herman: For me, there’s really not too much of a difference because I Interact with my TV sisters, Eris Baker and Lyric Ross, on set the same way I interact with all my siblings at home. It is nice, though, that my siblings on TV and I are closer in age. 

It is a little different with my brother being older because he was already a teenager by the time I was born – but I love being around all my siblings, both at home and on set!

Faithe Herman - This is Us - NBC
Photo: Tim Schaeffer Photography

What did you do when you found out there was going to be a second Shazam?

Faithe Herman: I was very thrilled to find out because working on the first one was really fun, and the whole cast had great chemistry while filming. It’s been a while since we’ve filmed because of COVID-19, but I’m very excited to work on Shazam 2 soon and see everyone. I definitely do miss them all. 

What do you like most about your character, Darla Dudley?

Faithe Herman: I like Darla because she’s really fun and always has a big bright smile on her face. She’s very protective of her family, and I just love that about her – plus, she’s just so caring.

Where do you see yourself taking your career? 

Faithe Herman: Hopefully, I get to do many different roles and projects. I’ve loved every project so far – what I get to do is really amazing, and I’m so thankful that I get to act full-time. I want to be able to act for a long time in the future. 

Do you feel any pressure because you have so many accolades? 

Faithe Herman: I don’t really feel like there’s pressure to take my career in a particular direction because I know I’m still young, and there’s an ongoing learning experience in what I do. So, I know I will definitely be doing different things along the way. 

I’m just grateful to have great peers around me on set whom I can learn from. Sometimes I get nervous, but even that part is very exciting!

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