‘LOSING HOPE’ – a series produced by Derek Daniel needs your support

Filmmaker, Lead Actor Derek Daniel is producing a series about a much-needed conversation in the LGBTQ+ community tackling the dynamics of relationships and heartbreak entitled LOSING HOPE

He took time from production to sit down with us to give more insight into the project.

Tell us what inspired you to write ‘Losing Hope Series.’

As the creator of LOSING HOPE, I’m often asked what inspired the story. The answer is simple: heartbreak. Heartbreak is one thing that many people can identify with. 

In the beginning, I just wanted to write a story that kept playing in my mind. It was only for me, with no audience in mind. But then I realized that LOSING HOPE confronts topics from an underrepresented perspective of a Black, gay man. It’s a story worth telling. So, I continued to write with the hope that other people can identify with the story.

Do you feel there should be more LGBTQ+ stories for African-Americans?

In general, I think there should be more “life” stories about African-American/Black people. An LGBTQ+ “story” is just a chapter of someone’s multifaceted life story. We are complex. If we shine the light on more stories of African-Americans/Black people, we’ll naturally see that the LGBTQ+ story is more prominent than society thinks.

Why was it was essential for you to bring this story to life and starring in the series?

It is vital to bring this story to life because it is real for a lot of people. The issue is many people don’t know how real it is because they don’t see it often in media. 

It’s crucial for me to star in the series. Many of the aspects were inspired by life and the lives of people close to me. To some degree, it’s therapeutic for me to replay these stories on screen, then watch from an outsider’s perspective. It helps me realize how much I’ve grown from my past experiences.

You are tackling some heavy dialogue. Was this purposely done? 

Yes. Since our characters are purposely diverse – gay, heterosexual, Black, Latino, Caucasian – and their relationships cross boundaries; naturally, the dialogue will tackle tough topics. 

You’ll see how the characters navigate interracial relationships, gay/hetero friendships, and “family ships”. So, yes, it is intentional, yet natural, that characters will have to navigate dialogue about race, sexuality, depression, and even sexual assault.

How can people donate to help you bring your series life?

Supporters can donate through our GoFundMe page at https://gf.me/u/vwzw5c. They can also donate via www.losinghopeseries.com. They will find a “donate” button there, as well as find out more about LOSING HOPE and the cast!

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