Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion – Alonzo B. Slater Interview

Alonzo B. Slater – Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion

Alonzo B. Slater, co-star of Lifetime’s, Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion, talk role as Calvin Christmas, dream collaborations, and personal style.

Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion debuts on Lifetime, Monday, November 29 at 8/7c. Check your local listings.

Alonzo B. Slater Interview

Tell us about Calvin Christmas. What drew you to this character? 

What drew me to the character is he’s a family guy, confident, good family background. It is vital to showcase people of color in a positive light on television. I was all on board.

Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion – Alonzo B. Slater Interview
Photographer: Harvey Jackson. Shirt & Trousers: Hisham Oumlil.

Was the audition process long for that role? 

This role, in particular, was an offer. I did so well in my first feature film, the producer’s mother of my next film told him to check Alonzo out from OWN, and the rest is history.

Where did you study acting? 

I studied all over the place, such as Marc John Jeffery, Identity School of Acting from London, Susan Batson. I learned so much from all my studies, especially character development, which helped me fulfill the role.

Have you ever considered Broadway? 

I would love to do Broadway one day but master television and film first. It will happen soon.

Dream director(s) and actor(s) you would love to collaborate with?

Sheesh, my dream directors would have to be Ava Duvenay, Regina King, Ryan Murphy, Tyler Perry, to name a few. Actors would have to be Denzel Washington, Chadwick Boseman (RIP), Viola Davis, Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Lawrence; I can be here all day, but that’s just a few. I respect everyone’s artistry.

Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion – Alonzo B. Slater Interview
Photographer: Harvey Jackson. Trench Coat and Trousers: ZARA. Turtleneck: H&M.

You have great personal style! Describe your style in three words? 

  1. Clean
  2. Confidence
  3. Chic

How do you balance work and personal life? 

Honestly, I’m still learning to manage both; this is all new to me, but I’m trying my best. It takes time. 

How do you unwind after finishing a project, which can sometimes take weeks or months to complete? 

I love a good massage, meditating, going to the beach helps too, listening to the waves. Woosah!

Mental health challenges have been a considerable conversation amongst Black men since the pandemic. Do you have things you do in place to combat this growing epidemic? 

Mental health is a very serious topic. I do a few things to keep myself on track, like speaking positively about myself, reading books, and doing yoga. This helps tremendously 

Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion – Alonzo B. Slater Interview
Photographer: Harvey Jackson. Jacket: Wales Bonner. Polo Shirt: ZARA.

Any shoutouts? First and foremost, GOD!! My mother, Cynthia, stepdad Elgin, all of my friends throughout the years, teachers. I’m so grateful to everyone who contributed.

Rapid Fire Questions:

Chicken or Steak? Both!! Sorry LOL!
Beach Vacation or City Vacation? Beach
Tom Ford or Gucci? Gucci
Night Out or Stay-at-Home? Stay-at-home, of course.
Broadway, Film, or Television Series? Television series. I want all of them, one day!!

Photographer Harvey Jackson
Wardrobe Stylist Aric Johnson

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Alonzo B. Slater Bio

Alonzo B. Slater is an American actor born on August 2, 1990, in Jersey City, NJ., to the proud parents Cynthia Brown and Albert Slater. Alonzo knew he wanted to be an actor after auditioning for Lion King on Broadway at the tender age of 11.

He miraculously finished at the top 15 of Simba out of 300 hopeful kids. This experience helped Alonzo understand the drive and passion needed for the industry. Years later, Alonzo graduated from William Paterson University with an English Degree, and his goal was to teach. He soon realized he wanted to return to his true passion, acting.

Alonzo B. Slater is a well-accomplished actor, model, and comedian. He has been seen in several commercials and print ads, i.e., Asics, Verizon, American Express, Facebook, Stella Artois, Ford, to name a few. 

Alonzo B. Slater also stared in countless indie films, television shows, and shorts such as “Remembering Wednesday,” the official Webisode Film Festival selection. 

Alonzo continues to pursue his acting career today passionately. Most recently, Alonzo has starred in a featured film as a lead role on “A Christmas for Mary” that will be on Oprah’s OWN Network.

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