Bambihanna - Retrograde
Photo: Marc Vincent

Bambihanna ‘Retrograde’ EP – An Homage To 90s Mega-Hit Tracks

Bambihanna goes hard with his latest EP, Retrograde. It’s raw, creative, transparent, and very unapologetic– the one-to-watch and a must-listen.

According to BillboardLGBTQ music history is so much more than a timeline of who came out when and which songs became gay anthems. It’s also about the artists who weren’t afraid to be themselves in eras when doing so often had personal and professional risks attached — eras when we didn’t even have the language to talk about gender and sexuality the way we do now.

We (the community) literally have our foot in the door now, so at this point, the industry has no choice to accept us.” 

– Bambihanna
Bambihanna - Retrograde EP
EP Artwork/Photo: Marc Vincent


Describe your EP in three words.

Bambihanna: Hmmm.

  • Nostalgic
  • Musing
  • Versatile

Tell us what people should expect from your EP’ Retrograde’.

Bambihanna: It’s a kind of self-reflection project where I’m displaying this cycle of emotions during Mercury in Retrograde. There are many introspective lyrics and shit I’d probably never say out loud, lol. 

Photo: Marc Vincent

What inspired you to select and remake such iconic tracks?

Bambihanna: So after my first EP, Loverboy, I started playing around with some 90s instrumentals with my friend, Destiny, who helped me write IHYSMRN. 

By the end of the week, we had a good 30 something songs started, lol. The 90s era in music had a significant influence on me, and I’m sure many other artists today. I chose some of my favorites and allowed the inspiration to do the rest. 

What’re your favorite songs off of your EP?

Bambihanna: That’s hard. But I’d have to go with: 

  • Drugz Intro
  • Can We
  • 4 Get It

How did you come up with your stage name?

Bambihanna: Funny story, when I started modeling in 2018, I built my portfolio up with Marc and my friend Jamal. They began to call me Bambi as a joke, saying I looked “doe-eyed” in my photos. 

The name Bambihanna came later on once the music started up. I just combined Bambi and Rihanna and made it a thing. Everyone who knows me knows she’s [Rihanna] a big inspo too!

Do you believe the music industry is becoming accepting of openly LGBTQ+ artists?

Bambihanna: Most definitely! We (the community) literally have our foot in the door now, so at this point, the industry has no choice to accept us. 

The coolest part is seeing how we are beginning to branch off into other genres and visually seeing what that looks like for us. 

Although I personally think we still have a hell of a way to go, it’s nice to say we finally made it, lol.


Who’s your gay inspiration currently and growing up?

Bambihanna: I’ll be sincere; I personally didn’t have a gay inspiration growing up, at least during my childhood/ teen years. If I had to guess, a lot of the community didn’t have much gay motivation and representation until about the mid-2000s, well cause, you know, so It’s always been either women or androgynous, straight men. 

Thankfully, today I definitely see a vast amount of inspo for our younger community and us, super important!

Currently, I have a whole playlist on my Apple Music of Black LGBTQ+ called “The Kunty Effect, “… that’s always inspiring me…. Kaytranada, Durand Bernarr, Julian King, Medino Green. All amazing artists!! 

It’s a blessing to have a partner that believes and supports your dreams. How has Vincent Marc impacted your life creatively?

Bambihanna: It is definitely a blessing. I’m thankful to have a partner who shares the same creative energy as myself. He’s an incredibly talented man like he can damn near do anything; photography, videography, styling, designing, you name it. 

He has a way of pulling me out of my head and into a space where I’m more honest with myself as an artist, and that’s probably what has impacted me the most. Truly thankful for him. 

Bambihanna - Retrograde EP
Photo: Marc Vincent

Dream Collaborations?

Bambihanna: I’d love to get a chance to work with Drake or Rih, and definitely a producer like Timbaland or Pharrell. 

Any plans on a new album?

Bambihanna: Yes actually! I’ll be releasing part two to Retrograde, an Album version. This one will have my original content on it like Mr. Nintendo, so you’ll be able to stream it everywhere.

I’m excited to share more of my original music so fans can really get a chance to see what I can do as an artist. 

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