5 Reasons To Watch - "I, TRIED" EP - Concert by Cor.ece And Saedi

“I, TRIED” Concert by Cor.ece And Saedi: 5 Reasons To Watch

Cor.ece and Saedi presents a refreshing live set to introduce their fans to ‘I, Tried’ EP for people who appreciate R&B and Soul music.

5 Reasons To Watch The “I, Tried” Contert

  1. Intimate. The concert reminisces old-school Neo-Soul.
  2. Soulful. Cor.ece manages to show his emotional range and stage presence.
  3. Live! If you appreciate real vocals and live music, you will enjoy this set.
  4. Cohesiveness. You will appreciate the vibe and concert with Cor.ece and band.
  5. Storyteller. The EP takes you on a journey of life, pain, love, and celebration.

Concert Insight From Artist

If you’ve ever been to one of my concerts, you’d feel the energy. It’s where I come alive. I don’t care about what I look like or how pretty I sound. It’s just a feeling. What I’m getting at is something real. It’s the soul part of “hopeful-electro-soul.”  

This is the first time we’ve ever recorded an entire show, and it’s like capturing lightning in a bottle. This was done in support of my recently released EP “I, Tried.” The show is a journey, with about five or so songs (some mashups) of imperfectly perfect live jamming. 

“I tried to put on a concert” is just that, an effort that reached triumph. 

Not a single thing you see would have happened without my band, The Gathered, and the amazing video and sound crew. Keep watching until the end to see everyone get some shine. It was filmed in my home with support from a new music platform called PANTHR and clothing provided by Guess Jeans. So much elbow grease went into this, along with just enough magic to make it extra special. – Cor.ece

Stay Social with Cor.ece

Website: www.corece.net
EP: itried.net
Instagram: @cor.ece

I, Tried Concert Credits: 

Directed by Derek Garlington
Produced by Cor.ece

Zeth Marra – Drums
Jimi Blaze – Bass
Bryan Dedlow – Guitar
Priscilla Perry – Keys + Vocals
Clay Barham (CB) – Vocals

Akinfemi Joseph Akinwale – Sound
Mario Gates – Camera
Antonia Zapiain Luna – Camera + Editing

PANTHR, Guess Jeans

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