Meet #BLAIRISMS Hosts Blair & Brandon Haley

EXCLUSIVE: Meet #BLAIRISMS Hosts Blair & Brandon Haley

Brandon & Blair-Dottin Haley talk married, their intentions behind their popular IGTV series: #BLAIRISMS, and what to expect next from their series.

Now entering ten years of marriage, the couple is stronger than ever. I’ve had the pleasure of being interview on #BLAIRISMS by Blair and Brandon on their series. It was a pure delight.

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#BLAIRISMS Interview

How did the two of you meet?

Blair Dottin-Haley: He slid in my DMs on BGCLive and then my Yahoo Messenger! We talked online and phone for months, though, before our actual first date. It was about eight months before we met, but once we met, it was a wrap! 

Who proposed to whom?         

Brandon Dottin-Haley: I proposed to Blair, and it was a choice that I will never ever forget. We’d had a great day, first with friends at brunch, then at a concert with an icon, and on the way home, I saw the rest of our lives together and knew that we had to be married. 

So I proposed, right there on the spot. No ring, no speech prepared. In the car, on the way home. As we were about to turn down the street to our apartment, I looked at him and said, let’s do this forever. Let’s get married. And here we are. Truth be told. I was ready to elope the next week, but we wanted to make sure our friends and family could celebrate with us.

Meet #BLAIRISMS Hosts Blair & Brandon Haley

How long have you been married? 

Blair: This coming June will complete our first decade. Ten years down. 

2020 was very challenging for a lot of couples. You two seemed to weather that storm. What contributed to the success of your relationship? 

Brandon: We certainly had our rainy days during the pandemic and have been pushed by this experience to lean into each other. We have tried to be more patient with each other and encouraging of each other. We’re learning to work better with each other every day and have been since day one.

Congratulations on the success of your series ‘#BLAIRISMS‘ on IGTV. What inspired you to start the series? 

Blair: Thank you! We were inspired by the need for fellowship and Black Joy. When we started back last June, the country was in unrest, and we were all isolated. The spirit moved me to create a chat series to uplift Black stories and people and discuss activism and have some laughs and fun all at once. 

What’s next for the series? 

Blair: We’re starting next season at the beginning of February! We’re looking forward to more extraordinary conversations and lots of lessons, laughter, and love. 

How do you individually promote self-love for yourself?    

Brandon: I am adamant about eating healthy and doing yoga regularly. Being HIV+ has given me a lot of perspective on my health. I’ve had to learn how to love myself and take care of myself in ways that will sustain me for as long as possible.

What advice do you have for couples trying to find balance in their relationship?    

Blair: Continue to work at it and be patient and kind to yourselves and each other. As long as you’re on this journey with the right person, everything else can be figured out. 


Rapid Fire Questions

Steak or Chicken? 

Brandon: Steak (but I eat chicken more)
Blair: Steak

Wine or Liquor? 

Brandon: Liquor 
Blair: Liquor

Most patient?

Brandon: Me
Blair: DEFINITELY, Brandon, but I’m getting much better! 

Vacation or Staycation?

Brandon: Vacation 
Blair: Vacation

Book or Music: 

Brandon: Music
Blair: Music

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