Teenear: 'Ain’t Mine' – One to Watch in Music

Teenear: ‘Ain’t Mine’ – One to Watch in Music

The newly released EP “Ain’t Mine” by Teenear which samples from the well-known 90’s hit “The Boy Is Mine” by Brandy and Monica brings us a sense of nostalgia with a fresh and reimagined take on love and the complications that can come with it.

Through lyrics that hold a storytelling aspect, Teenear captivates listeners with melodies that seamlessly blend to create a work that feels complete and leaves you yearning to listen for more.

We interview Teenear on what started her music career and what she is doing next.

Teenear Interview

Give us insight into your upbringing and how this shaped your outlook as an artist.

Teenear: I am an artist, born and raised in Miami, Florida, and signed to Slip N Slide Records. Growing up I always knew I loved arts and entertainment, but I didn’t specifically know what I wanted to get into until I got into junior high school. The moment that sparked interest in me was when I came across a contest Justin Bieber was doing that involved writing to his instrumental. The whole process of doing that is really what sparked a love of creating for me and from that point, I kept going.

What are your other passions besides music?

Teenear: Another passion of mine is acting. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing since I was a young girl starting with my family in the living room. We used to put on shows every year for Christmas Eve.

Now, moving through my career, it’s something I want to incorporate more not only in the acting field/world but also bringing it into my music on my own. This release for “Ain’t Mine” gave me the opportunity to do that for the first time with my team and I’m excited to see the response and continue doing this moving forward.

Over the years of singing and writing, what can you say you’ve learned in the industry that you did not know before?

Teenear: I believe that I’m now seeing how much the industry has changed. Since starting, it’s changed drastically and sometimes I can find it hard to keep up. Now, I’m in a place where I am excited to try new things to just make sure that everything I do is heard and received in the most impactful way possible.

Teenear: 'Ain’t Mine' – One to Watch in Music

Let’s talk about your debut EP. What will the overall message be and how does it resonate with you?

Teenear: This EP will be the reflection of everything Teenear. My main message that I want to resonate with people is “this is me”. In a way, I want to invite people into my world and that is the overall goal of the EP. I’m super excited about it and I think people will really receive it well.

What artists do you look to for inspiration? What is it about their music style that speaks to you?

Teenear: If I’m being so honest, I try to stay away from looking at other artists when it comes to any type of inspiration involving music. I really want to try and create a lane for myself and a new vibe that people want to look up to, because they feel like it’s new and they love it, not just because I remind them of somebody else they love. I have a lot of artists that inspired me on the business end of things for sure though.

What work(s) are you most proud of and why?

Teenear: I am super proud of this entire rollout I’ve created with my team for “Ain’t Mine”. We sat in the office for hours creating the scripts and figuring out all the details needed for this and I’m proud of how we executed it on our own. It was all completely different than anything I’ve done in the past. With every release, I feel like I’m seeing myself grow as well. With that, I can only imagine what I will do with the next [work].

Tell us about what’s coming next for you in the music space and beyond?

Teenear: After this first release of “Ain’t Mine”, expect more incredible music and incredible visuals. I am definitely branching out and doing a lot more in different fields that I want to surprise everyone with, so just be on the lookout for me and my name everywhere.

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Teenear: 'Ain’t Mine' – One to Watch in Music

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