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The Chadwick Journals: Damian Toofeek Raven talks Daytime Emmy® Nom, forthcoming projects and Covid-19

After 15 years of playing Chadwick Williams on the GLAAD Award-winning The DL Chronicles and the hit web series, The Chadwick Journals, Damian Toofeek Raven finally gets a well-deserved recognition from his peers.

In the 3rd season, Chadwick has a mental collapse on his brother’s birthday while being forced into an interview by the hurt and desperate, Oren played by Jemar Michael (Dear White People) who is in a turbulent serodiscordant relationship with his recently HIV+ diagnosed boyfriend, Darnell played by Skyh Black (Sistas) with a cameo from Jensen Atwood (Noah’s Arc).  

With hard work, commitment and dedication comes reward. Damian Toofeek Raven has paid his dues, and we’re looking forward to seeing this industry gem reap the benefits.

The results of the Daytime Emmys® will stream live this Sunday on at 5p PT/8p ET

The Chadwick Journals


Where were you when you found out about your Emmy Nomination?

When I found out about my Emmy Nomination, I was at home with my wife and daughter working out and trying to keep our bodies healthy during the quarantine.

Did you ever think you would get this kind of recognition doing an independent project?

I did, and it was because of the amazing writing and directing. After the shoot on The Chadwick Journals: OREN, I had made a statement to Deondray that I believed this would be the one… I must say that I don’t always have that level of confidence, but something felt very special about this episode.

Where did you grow up? Tell us about your hometown.

I grew up on the Eastside of San Jose, California, at the beginning of the tech era battle between Apple and IBM (my father worked for IBM for 27 years). I was very fortunate to be amid a cultural stew. Every race, color, and creed made up my neighborhood, and I had a rainbow of friends, which made my childhood days pretty incredible.

Your most memorable moment growing up?

My most memorable moment growing up does not exist because there were so many, but one moment that stuck out was the earthquake that occurred when I was a freshman. That quake became a neighborhood block party.

What was your determining factor in auditioning and accepting the lead role as ‘Chadwick Williams’ for ‘The Chadwick Journals’?

I initially auditioned for the role of Wes in the DL Chronicles. Deondray and Quincy [show creators/producers] then asked me to read the part of Chadwick. Once they gifted me with the role, I was all in. The Chadwick Journals was a project intended to raise money for more episodes of The DL Chronicles, but it received so much love from fans that Deondray and Quincy were inspired to do more.

The Chadwick Journals

How has playing such a complete character helped your growth as an actor?

Playing a complete character like Chadwick is still growing me as an actor. This incredible character has an evolution that most actors dream of. 

I learned how much it means to tell stories that are healing and transformational and how I can impact the lives of so many, just by exposing my truth. 

I have played him for fifteen years, and every step of the journey has made me a better man, a better father, a better listener, and a better actor.

If you win the Daytime Emmy, what will that mean to you?

If I win? I feel that I’ve already won because the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences recognized my work when they nominated me for the Emmy. Still, I hope that a win will propel and promote The Chadwick Journals and The DL Chronicles to continue to tell the amazing stories of amazing people.

Any current projects in the works?

I am currently filming “Cash Collectors” and have a finished film called ‘Lazarus’ waiting for release. I am also in the pre-production stage for a film I wrote called ‘Songs of A Raven,’ directed by The Gossfields, [Quincy & Deondray].

Do you share any of ‘Chadwick Williams’ characteristics in your personal life?

I share many of Chadwick’s characteristics, as my wife often points out. I am very emotional when it comes to protecting and caring for others, and I tend to be very analytical.

Covid-19 has affected all of us. How did it impact you?

Covid-19, despite all of the lost lives and people struggling with the virus, it has had been a wonderful time for my family life. 

We’ve been using the time to become better versions of ourselves. We hike, go to the ocean, and have exercise boot camps in our living room. I decided that I would leave this time better than when I entered it and stay committed to that decision.

After Covid-19, what is your dream travel destination to regroup?

My dream travel destination is Maui. I want to take my family there and spend every day in the ocean.

Any shoutouts?

I would love to shout out everyone who watched The Chadwick Journals and The DL Chronicles. You have all made me so proud to be an actor. I love you all.


Chadwick Williams is an ex-therapist conducting an investigation of the “down-low” phenomenon (passing as straight while really gay) in an attempt to understand the pathology of his brother’s double life.

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