Foundational Face: Summer Skin

Foundational Face: Summer Skin

Skincare evolves almost daily with the endless option of products and brands that cater to various needs for your foundational facial regimen. 

With the different levels of sensitivity, dryness, acne, or discoloration among varying skin types, it’s important to stick to products that you know work for you and adhere to a regimen that responds well to your skin. If you break it down to the four foundational components of maintaining good skin, you should always consider Water, Exfoliation, Toning, and Moisturizing. 

JUST Water

We stick to spring water as a go-to option, especially with brands that use their products to create positive social impact. JUST Water created their business around responsible water sourcing and recently partnered with Jaden Smith to bring clean water to the long drawn out the crisis in Flint, Michigan. Staying hydrated and supporting a good cause is all good in our book. (Retail $0.99 per 16.4 oz carton)

LATHER® Eucalyptus Facial Scrub

No other brand compares to LATHER® completely vegan approach to skincare, which is why we appreciate its top of the line offerings. The Eucalyptus Facial Scrub not only helps reduce redness and irritation it also safely helps prepare your skin for smoother shaves. (Retail $21)

KIEHL’S® Facial Fuel

After any scrub, you have to refresh the skin and balance it with a good toner. Kiehlʼs® formulated their menʼs Energizing Tonic from the Facial Fuel collection to include caffeine, bamboo extract, and Vitamins C and E, which help promote energized skin and increased antioxidant protection. (Retail $18)

BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA: Oil-Free Moisturizer

Finish off with Baxter of Californiaʼs best-selling Oil-Free Moisturizer, created with aloe vera, chamomile extracts, and green tea extracts. This is a fan favorite among skin care experts as it helps reduce the signs of premature aging and has a light texture that still creates powerful results with no greasy residue. (Retail $26)

Photographer/Creative Director: Christopher Marrs
Model: Damian Tabor at 10 Mgmt.
Photo Assistant: Terrance Pitts

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