Alma Davis | PH: LaQuan Scott
Alma Davis | PH: LaQuan Scott

Body & Beauty: Introducing Alma Davis

Alma Davis

Alma Davis explains how her mother taught her to value her curves at an early age which lead to her positive body image as an adult. She resides in New Jersey.

Age: 25

Instagram: @iam.queen.alma

Reside: New Jersey

Alma Davis | PH: LaQuan Scott
Alma Davis | PH: LaQuan Scott

What’s your definition of confidence? Feeling comfortable the way you are is the key to staying confident in my opinion. Even if you’re wearing the most simple outfit, walk with your head high and a sassiness to your walk.

Have you ever had body image issues? Most Definitely! Ever since I was a young child, I thought I was “too big” compared to others around me. However, my mom always made me feel confident in my curves. She empowered me to have self-confidence and encouraged me to maintain a healthy weight through exercise. To this day I have a full-blown exercise schedule that ranges from spin classes, weight training, and boxing.

Photographer: LaQuan Scott | Instagram @mr_giovanni

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