Body & Beauty: Introducing Devonne Goode

Devonne Goode | PH: Derek Chase
Devonne Goode | PH: Derek Chase

Devonne Goode

Devonne Goode overcame childhood weight gain due to a health issue and changed his perspective to become the man he is today. He resides in Pittsburgh, PA.

Instagram: @devonne_goode

Age: 30

Location: Pittsburgh PA

Devonne Goode | PH: Derek Chase
Devonne Goode | PH: Derek Chase

What’s your definition of confidence? When you work your mind as well as the body, you visually see yourself beyond your limitations.

Have you ever had body image issues? I had body issues growing up as a child. I grew up having asthma so severe that I used to have to get steroid shots because my lungs weren’t healthy enough and it made me overweight during the process. I was always that guy that every girl loved as a brother but never wanted as a significant other. When I went to high school, I knew I had to change that perception, not for them but more so for myself because it affected my confidence.

Photographer Derek Chase | Instagram @thephotochase

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