Grim Chim | PH: Wardell Malloy
Grim Chim | PH: Wardell Malloy

Body & Beauty: Introducing Grim Chim

Grim Chim

Grim Chim, a name given to him by his brothers growing up, overcame colorism and insecurities brought on by the people closest to him. He resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Age: 32

Where do you reside: Los Angeles, CA

Instagram: @grimchim

Grim Chim | PH: Greg Vaughn
Grim Chim | PH: Greg Vaughn

What’s your definition of confidence? My definition of confidence is knowing and loving yourself. Appreciating what you bring to this world and walking in that mission every day no matter what that is.

Have you ever had body image issues? Well, my name “Grim Chim.” My brothers gave me this name when I was eight because they said I looked like a Gremlin mixed with a chimpanzee. I was extremely insecure about my looks, body and skin tone growing up ( I was the only brown-skinned brother, and people thought I was a distant cousin LOL). It took me years to see myself as beautiful let alone good looking. I guess in the world of social media we are constantly picking ourselves apart and looking at what attractive features the next person has and not acknowledging the beauty within ourselves.

Greg Vaughn | Instagram @gmvaughn
Wardell Malloy | Instagram @whoiswarrenwhite

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