Body & Beauty: Introducing Lesala Mampa

Lesala Mampa | PH: Reinhard Janse Van Rensburg
Lesala Mampa | PH: Reinhard Janse Van Rensburg

Lesala Mampa

Lesala Mampa Reinhard Janse Van Rensburg 3
Lesala Mampa | PH: Reinhard Janse Van Rensburg

Lesala Mampa
 overcame the stigma a lot of men with high metabolism face being “too skinny” or “lanky” often out of their control. He exudes confidence and resides in Cape Town, South Africa.

Age: 32

Where do you reside: Cape Town, South Africa

Instagram: @lesalamampa

What’s your definition of confidence? Being brave enough to be vulnerable, being your authentic self always. To love yourself each moment, unconditionally, resting in the fullness of you, of all you are, and allowing yourself/being receptive to feeling good, to appreciating, to love, to all your desires lovingly and abundantly flowing into your life experience.

Not holding anyone responsible for your well-being, but rather nurturing and surrendering into your own and creating from there. Simply put: just being you.

Lesala Mampa | PH: Reinhard Janse Van Rensburg
Lesala Mampa | PH: Reinhard Janse Van Rensburg

Have you ever had body image issues? Yes. I was quite insecure about my body when I was younger as I was rather skinny and lanky due to my fast metabolism. I just felt really awkward and very self-conscious in movement and just being. I never truly rested within myself.

As I started modeling, I immediately enjoyed the art and flow one feels through the movement of poses and creativity. I started feeling more comfortable in my skin as various photographers pushed me further and further into surrendering into my true self to create authentic art, art from within. Within the process I felt inspired to start getting stronger, enjoying the forms the body could generate.

I decided to overcome my fear of gym, my self-judgment and braved the gym. To my surprise I found it a fantastic tool for meditation as each movement and breath centers you, bringing you to the now, allowing you to stop thought and let go.

I’ve enjoyed this process for the past eight years. The aim isn’t the perceived “better body” but rather the focus on surrendering into your well-being, into that feel-good space and letting whatever inspired self-care/healthy lifestyle thought, authentically tailored to your unique, authentic feeling of health and well-being, the belief, not the false society set image, lead you to the body meant for you.

Photographer: Reinhard Janse Van Rensburg | Instagram @rjvrphoto

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