Body & Beauty: Introducing Schamgar Cenat

Schamgar Cenat | PH: Tarrice Love
Schamgar Cenat | PH: Tarrice Love

Schamgar Cenat

Schamgar Cenat | PH: Brian Jamie
Schamgar Cenat | PH: Brian Jamie

Schamgar Cenat dealt with being “too tall” and “too skinny” growing up. He used his negatives and turned them into positives. He resides in Queens, NY.

Age: 31

Where do you reside: Queens, NY

Instagram? @biggboussham

Schamgar Cenat | PH: Brian Jamie
Schamgar Cenat | PH: Brian Jamie

What’s your definition of confidence? My definition of confidence is knowing that I’m capable of accomplishing any goal I set forward due to my faith in God. Every day I walk with my head held I high to my faith in Him.

Have you ever had body image issues? When I was younger, I had serious body image issues being tall and super skinny. My parents worked extremely hard to give my sister and me the best that they possibly could. But Jordan’s and designer clothes were out of the question. So I was always trying to fit in until I realized I was born to stand out. I started to take my exercise more seriously, and the results lead to me building my confidence.

Tarrice Love @i_am_tarricelove
Brian Jamie @brianjamie

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