Teslyn Butler | PH: Marcus Turner
Teslyn Butler | PH: Marcus Turner

Body & Beauty: Introducing Teslyn Butler

Teslyn Butler

Teslyn Butler | PH: Nikki Gomez
Teslyn Butler | PH: Nikki Gomez

Teslyn Butler doesn’t let society’s scrutiny towards plus-size models define who she is as a woman. Based in Chicago, IL, she is determined to be herself at all cost.

Age: 33

Where do you reside: Chicago, IL

Instagram? @teslynb

Teslyn Butler | PH: Nina Ottolino

What’s your definition of confidence? Confidence to me means being able to walk through like being confident and self-assured of who you are without the influence of others. Showing inner strength and believing in yourself without any doubts of second-guessing yourself.

Have you ever had body image issues? As a plus-size model, body image issues arise pretty often. As a model, you are scrutinized all the time about your body. It’s so easy to get caught up in the scrutiny. You cannot take it personally. For so long I was so self-conscious about having a lower heavier body. I always had a smaller waist, wide hips, thick thighs, and a big behind. Today, I’ve come to love my shape.

To anyone struggling with body image, realize that no one is perfect and that surgery and Photoshop is a real thing that many people use to their advantage. Never compare your body to a picture from the [social] media because you never know the story behind it. Being healthy is always good, but you should always love yourself in the present.

What is your definition of beauty? It’s, so cliche to say but beauty indeed comes from within. How you treat, support, and encourage others and having a giving and a loving spirit. Embodying characteristics such as honesty, caring, and having a genuine heart. That’s honestly what makes someone beautiful.

Beauty Headshot
Photographer – Marcus Turner
Instagram – @iammarcusturner

Full Body
Photographer – Nikki Gomez
Instagram – @thenikkigomez

Headshot with black lace top
Photographer – Nina Ottolino
Instagram – @ottolinophoto

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