Elena Belle - A Model MAXIMizing Her Time
Photo Credit: Megan Batson

Elena Belle – A Beautiful Soul MAXIMizing Her Time 

Elena Belle Theanne was born in Ibiza, Spain, and grew up in Sweden, becoming a well-known Swedish model and influencer. 

She is best known for participating in reality TV shows “Paradise Hotel” and several seasons of “Svenska Hollywoodfruar” (aka “Real Housewives of Sweden”), which followed Swedish women living glamorous Hollywood lifestyles and aired on TV3 until halted by the pandemic. 

As a model, Elena appeared on the January 2022 cover of Maxim New Zealand and regularly works with fitness, swimwear, and lifestyle brands. Her online content focuses on healthy cooking, fitness routines, body positivity, and being a Mom to daughter Luna Belle. 

She also released a book about her life’s journey this year in Sweden. We caught up with her to gain more insight into her career and content.

Elena Belle - A Model MAXIMizing Her Time
Photo Credit: Megan Batson

Elena Belle Interview

You have a big voice and audience on IG. What is your mission with your content? What do you hope your audience learns? 

Elena Belle: I want to spread happiness and positivity. I want to encourage my followers to follow their dreams and for them to know that everything and anything is possible. I came from nothing, and my dream was to live here in Los Angeles and do what I love. 

As a model, mother, author, and fitness enthusiast, what tips do you have for other women trying to balance career, family, and new beginnings/ goals?

Elena Belle: I think it is hard for everyone. But balance is everything. My priority is my child and spending quality time with her; she will only be this little once. I don’t really have the perfect answer for this. I struggle with this a lot, but if I have to give one tip, it would be to stay healthy mentally and physically because if you feel good, then you can accomplish more things during the day. 

You sadly lost your husband in February 2020, just as the pandemic began. What advice do you have for others who have gone through a particularly difficult time in the last two years? 

Elena Belle: You never think something like that can happen to you, but I had no choice other than to be strong for my daughter. Time always heals, and you learn to live with it. Unfortunately, that was my journey, and when you fight the pain, you come out stronger. My biggest advice is not to medicate if it is not absolutely necessary. It would help if you experienced the pain.

Your book has been very successful in Europe. What message do you share, and do you plan to release a US version or write another book? 

Elena Belle: I wrote the book because I had a tough childhood in many ways, and I want people in similar situations not to feel like they are alone. As for now, the book will only be in Europe, but who knows what the future will bring! 

You’re currently the January cover model for MAXIM New Zealand. What insights can you share for fashion and fitness for the New Year?

Elena Belle: Fitness is more about health and feeling good in your body than being a specific image anymore. In terms of fashion, people are working from home more, and I think there’s a trend toward more casual, streetwear, and workout clothes that double as day today. I’m always a fan of still having evenings to dress up. 

What do you look forward to for the rest of 2022? Will you be returning to reality TV, launching a product line, etc.? Anything else you want to share or promote.

Elena Belle: My plans for 2022 are to travel a lot more. I also would love to do more Reality TV! Let’s see what happens. 

Elena Belle Team

Photography: Megan Batson @megbatphoto
Hair: Lana Grand @lana_grand_hair
Makeup: Julia Taylor @makeupbyjuliataylor
Agency: Publish Pilot @publishpilot

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