Prince Lyons - Photo by Christopher Marrs
Photography: Christopher Marrs

Prince Lyons – An In-depth Conversation

Prince Lyons stands 6’1 currently signed to Option 1 Models who dreams of modeling for Pyer Moss and wants more diversity in the modeling business.

Prince Lyons Q&A

Height: 6’1

Reside: St. Louis, MO

Agency, if any: Option1 Models

Instagram: @prncejon

Three things the pandemic forced you to change?

I feel the pandemic forced me to be a bit more patient and resilient. I typically plan my life down to the second, and I’m super goal-oriented, but 2020 isn’t how any of us expected. It’s forced me to be more patient with myself and my goals, and with so many creative resources unavailable, I’m more creative with my ideas and artistic concepts. Lastly, I’m more socially aware. 

2020 has unearthed many of America’s mistakes, and I can no longer sit quietly while this society continues to prosper over the systematic oppression of colored bodies, businesses, and wealth. It’s our responsibility to speak out on injustices against marginalized people and be the change we want to see. 

Favorite designer, fragrance, and beauty/grooming: 

  • My favorite fragrance is Savage by Dior, and everyone needs an eyebrow brush. 

What would you be doing if you weren’t modeling?

I dance full-time! I recently just moved back to the states from dancing with Rambert II in the UK. So if I’m not modeling, I’m dancing. 

Which brand(s) would you love to model? 

I currently do a lot of commercial work, but I would love to do more editorial brands— Pyer Moss, Angel Chen Studio, Daniel w. Fletcher, Fenty, and Burberry.

What are some of your challenges as a model?

I would honestly say the diversity in the field. There are very few people of color in charge of casting, styling, hair, and makeup or behind the camera. I grow tired of explaining my hair or makeup preferences to people who don’t fully understand black grooming concerns. 

If the brand can hire black talent, they must have more black photographers, videographers, makeup artists, and stylists. There’s no excuse. 

Photography: Christopher Marrs @christophermarrs

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Instagram: @prncejon

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