Kelvin Osaze

Meet Black-Nigerian Model, Kelvin Osaze

Kelvin Osaze stands 5 “11 with a killer smile and beautiful caramel, milky skin. The Black-Nigerian model hopes to visit Bali and model for Calvin Klein.


Agency, if any: Unsigned

Age: 30 years old

Height: 5″ 11

Instagram: @Kelvin.Osaze

Where were you born? Atlanta, GA

Ethnicity: Black, first-generation Nigerian

Zodiac Sign: Taurus ♉️ 

Kelvin Osaze
Photo Credit: Justin Robinson for JSR Photography

Favorite things:  

  1. I love incense 
  2. Great quality skincare
  3. I love passionate creators!

What music are you listening to at the moment?  Brandy B7, the album just hits differently. 

What have you learned about yourself during quarantine?

  1. I love carbs 🥖 
  2. I’m disciplined in working out even with no gym access.
  3. I need to nourish the relationships in my life that value and that benefit me spiritually and emotionally. 

Three things the pandemic forced you to change?

  1. I need to slow down on the carbs, LOL.
  2. Start putting myself first and not be ashamed about it.
  3. It forced me to be more involved in politics and science. 🧪 

Favorite movie and tv show: my favorite Tv show is “POSE” yassss, hands down the best show that has come out. My favorite movie is “What’s love got to do with it.”

Favorite designer, fragrance, and beauty/grooming products? My favorite designer: Yves Saint Laurent. LOL, I’m probably the minority on this, but I hate fragrances, let alone a fragrance brand; I much prefer lighter scents and essential oils but very light. My favorite grooming/beauty product is Revisions 30% Vitamin C solution, and it’s quite expensive but worth the splurge. Your skin will GLOW!

Kelvin Osaze
Photo Credit: Justin Robinson for JSR Photography

What would you be doing if you weren’t modeling? I would be a therapist, possibly even a social worker. The human mind is fascinating to me, and I believe mental health is essential, especially today.

What’s something uncool that you love anyway? A lot of things LOL, I’m weirdly fascinated by pimple-popping videos. 

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country? I wasn’t born in NYC, but I’ve lived here for the past 12 years since I was 18. I love the different cultures, I love our grit, I love the easy accessibility to everything, and lastly, we have been kicking ass during this pandemic in slowing the spread. Proud of us.

Kelvin Osaze
Photo Credit: Justin Robinson for JSR Photography

Place you would love to visit: Bali!!!

Which brand would you love to model? CALVIN KLEIN, I’m loving how they are being more diverse, acknowledging people’s differences, whether it be height, style, or sexual identity. I want to see myself in one of their ads. That would make me happy.

Favorite modeling experience thus far? I did a Merman shoot last year with (Celebrity MUA/Creative Director) Tim Mackay and (Photographer) Karizza. The shoot was a dream. I have never seen a black merman before, and I loved the elements we covered. It was one of those experiences that everything just came together seamlessly. Forever grateful for the experience.

What are some of your challenges as a model? 

  1. My skin. I’ve been working hard on it, but sometimes I still feel insecure about it. 
  2. Being only 5″ 11 has been a challenge for me as well. It’s not too short, but we as a society have been trained to see male models 6’2 and up as the standard in fashion, which I could not disagree more with.

Your favorite feature on your body? Why? I love my smile. My smile evokes passion, earnestness, and a love for life!

Kelvin Osaze

Currently, you’re obsessed with or about? I am currently obsessed with Christopher Marrs; he is a photographer, Creative Director, and model. I am in awe of his mind and how he selflessly creates. His work is healing. I’m not sure he even knows how impactful he is. 

Words that best describe you as a person? 

  • Loyal 
  • Persistent
  • Underdog (but that’s cool I’ll show out)
  • Spiritual
  • Seeker
  • Beautiful
  • Multidimensional

Any shoutouts? I want to shout out OBVIOUS Magazine for choosing me in their model feature; I would also like to shout out all my supporters who have seen me evolve in my journey as an artist. The love I get from them affirms that the work that I am doing is not in vain️.

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