Trey Presley

Model Watch: Ex-Army Veteran, Trey Pressley

Ex-Army Vet turned model, Trey Pressley stands 6′ tall and dreams of modeling for Groom Official and looking to expand into entrepreneurship.

Name: Trey Pressley

Agency, if any: Currently signed to Westhaven Management, Las Vegas.

Age: 32 years

Height: 6 feet

Instagram: @trey_pressley

Where were you born? Pensacola, Florida.

Ethnicity: African-American

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius.

Favorite things: I love working out, traveling, playing racquetball and tennis, swimming, running, theme parks, movies, bowling and spending quality time with family & friends.

What music are you listening to at the moment? “Still Be With Me by Dondria” just went off and “Apeshit” by Beyonce and Jay Z just came on.

Favorite movie, tv show: I love a lot of different types of, but if I had to choose I would have the say, Jurassic Park because it never gets old. I can watch it over and over again. My favorite tv shows are Law and Order (SVU), Star and yes Empire.

Trey Presley

Favorite designer, fragrance or grooming/beauty product: I was raised not being really into fashion or being caught up in fashion trends but as I’ve gotten older what inspires me is watching designers grow and to see them put so much passion into their work. I would have to say Octavius Terry-Sims is my favorite designer.

My favorite fragrance would be whatever I feel smells good at the time. Lol. I don’t have a favorite. Lately, I’ve been wearing Dolce& Gabbana “The One.”

My Favorite Beauty products would be Beauty Counter. They have everything you need from sunscreen, lotions, facial scrubs, shampoo, etc. The thing I love most about their products is that they are safer for us to use (meaning fewer toxins).

What would you be doing if you weren’t modeling? This is an interesting question because if you name it, I’ve probably done it. I have done everything from substitute teaching to construction work. Lol. I’m looking into entrepreneurship. I would love to be running my own franchise and be the face of my brand.

What’s something uncool that you love anyway? I love to watch musicals like Little Shop of Horrors and sing along with all the musical selections. It’s so corny, but I love it. Secretly, I love Disney movies too.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country? I have to say the thing I love most about my hometown is the southern hospitality. Everyone knows each other, and it’s like a huge family within the community. They all look out for one another.

Place you would love to visit: I would love to visit Rome.

Which brand would you love to model? Though there are many brands I would love to model for, I would say that Groom Official would be my top choice because I’ve seen where they came from and I see where they are going. I would love to be a part of the journey and help take it to new heights.

Favorite modeling experience so far? My favorite modeling experience would be modeling in New York for the first time for New York Fashion Week. I met some great people/designers and formed some great friendships. I loved every bit of it.

Favorite season? My favorite season would be Summer. I love to be on the beach or at a pool.

Favorite junk food? Omg, my favorite junk food would be candy. I love anything fruity and chewy like Starburst, Skittles, Mambas, Chewy Now & Laters, gummy bears, etc. I also love Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

Where do you feel the most stuck in your modeling career? I wouldn’t say I am stuck. I that everyone has a journey that is required before they reach their destination. They will learn valuable lessons along the way that will prepare them for the success that’s coming their way. Everything I’ve been through has made me stronger, more confident and it’s clear to me what and who I am. When God says, “It’s Time” all I can say is watch out because I’m ready and I’m coming to take over baby. Whoop whoop.

Currently, you’re obsessed with or about? I really think I’m obsessed with working out. I am so afraid of getting fat because I gain weight so easy and lately I’ve been embracing my natural thickness; I want to make that the new standard.

3 Words that best describe you as a person? Resilient. Loving. Trustworthy.

Favorite entertainer or public personality? My favorite entertainer is Beyonce Knowles.

Your favorite quote? “To whom much is given much is required.”

Any shoutouts? I would like to thank God first of all for blessing me with the drive and ambition to keep pushing through all the pain and hard times. Thank you to all those whom I have worked with along my journey, I have learned so much from all of you. Thank you to my mom, sisters, family & friends for always being so supportive. Last but not least I want to thank my Grandma who is no longer with us, but she lives through me.

All images photographed by JR West at @thejrwest.

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