Model Watch: Countess, The Artistic Beauty

LA-based model, Countess stands 5’5 bringing allure and mystery to her portfolio. This small frame model has a larger than life personality and drive.

Name: Countess

Agency, if any: VAUHAUS in the UK, freelance in the US.

Age: 23

Height: 5’5

Instagram: @countessportfolio

Where were you born? I was born in Chicago, Illinois. I also lived in Detroit, Michigan and New York City before moving to Los Angeles, California where I currently reside.

Ethnicity: American

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Favorite things: My interests are quite varied! I’m very much interested in fashion and couture. I style a lot of my own work. I’m learning to sew as well. I love to cook and cook at home almost every night. I’m also a huge reader. If I don’t have a book or comic in my hand, you’ll likely find me reading miscellaneous Wikipedia articles. I’m really fascinated by how unusual life can really be. I also love makeup and hair/wig styling and am always trying to improve my skills.

What music are you listening to at the moment? This question is always complicated for me because I listen to almost everything. Seriously, I have literally 49 consecutive days of music in my iTunes library, and I always put it on shuffle. My fiancé and I have started calling it, “DJ Laptop.” One moment I’m listening to Aerosmith, then suddenly 2Pac comes on, which rolls into GWAR, followed by Madonna, followed by an audiobook.

Favorite movie, tv show: I love documentaries and films either about or “inspired by” real events. I also love and am very much inspired by Anime, old films, musicals and Rupaul’s Drag Race.

Favorite designer, fragrance or beauty product: I’m a huge fan of Hanaquist, Thierry Mugler, Ashley Rose Couture, Apatico, Zac Posen… I could go on for days. As for beauty products: I love Shiro Cosmetics, Kat Von D Beauty, and Sugarpill, who I am lucky enough to be sponsored by.

What would you be doing if you weren’t modeling? I honestly couldn’t tell you! Modeling is so much more than a job for me. It’s my life. It’s my creative outlet. I channel nearly all my energy, ideas and emotions into it. I’m continually trying to think up new, interesting concepts. So many things inspire me, some that are just day to day, so the wheels are always turning. I think even if I couldn’t do it as a profession I’d still be modeling in my spare time.

What’s something uncool that you love anyway? True crime podcasts and visual novels.

Place you would love to visit: I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit, but I’d love to see Paris and return to Japan.

Which brand would you love to model for? Agnieszka Osipa Costumes!

Favorite modeling experience so far? I’ve gotten to meet, collaborate, and befriend so many different people from very different walks of life. I’m very grateful to learn from them. I love shooting with people I have chemistry with. It reflects in the photographs when you’re enjoying yourself.

Currently, you’re obsessed with/about? Drag and performance art in general. I’ve recently entertained the idea of putting together some kind of show myself.

3 Words that best describe you as a person? Overenthusiastic jazz hands?

Favorite entertainer or public personality? I can’t name just one. David Bowie, Nick Cave, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson.

Your favorite quote? As silly as it is, it’s from Texts From Last Night, and it’s
“(810): You just kept screaming at everyone ‘not to break your scarf’ and doing somersaults”. It will never not make me smile, no matter how bad of a day I’ve had.

Any shoutouts? Yes! I believe in giving credit where credit is due, so please let me give a shoutout to the photographers who took the photos included in the article. They are, in no particular order, Chad Michael Ward, Sam Hodges, and Eric I. Gonzalez. I would also like to give a shoutout to Echo Nittolitto, and Hattie Watson who inspired to break out of the box people try to put you in when you have a unique look. I would also like to mention Anna Swiczeniuk, whose style inspired me to step up my wardrobe. I’d also love to mention Amy Doan, who gave me a huge change to model for Sugarpill when I was just a teenager.

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