Rhyan Atrice

Model Watch: Rhyan Atrice Talks Next Moves

Two-time cover model, Rhyan Atrice is living his dreams. Currently, signed to several modeling and talent agencies from around the world, he took time out of his schedule to let us know what he’s up to since his debut on OBVIOUS and a health scare that could have ended his modeling career.

Having a beautiful body is a blessing and a curse.


Name: Rhyan Atrice

Agency, if any:

Mother Agent/Agency: Bartlomiej Bialy / Bialy Models

Salt Lake City: Tina Bullen/Urban Talent

Barcelona Spain: Sight Models Mgmt.

Miami & Chicago: Steve Wimbley / DAS Model Mgmt.

Portland: Lindsay & Kyle / Parker Mgmt.

Mexico: Pablo Anton / New Icon Models

Age: 27

Height: 188cm / 6’2”

Instagram: @rhyguyfye

Where were you born? Atlanta, Georgia

Ethnicity: Black Afro-American

Zodiac Sign: The Best Sign of Course GEMINI 😎

Favorite things: I love to watch, interact, learn and being with animals. I also enjoy working out, team building, coaching, training and selling ideas and products.

What music are you listening to at the moment? I listen to such a wide range of music, partially because I am a Gemini and I have so many moods to satisfy. But here is a snippet of my current mood.


Favorite movie, tv show: Underworld Saga and Aliens/Predators Movies (Monster Movies and Vampire/Werewolf Movies). Favorite tv show: Blacklist. I think everyone would love to have a badass Guardian in their life and never have to worry about anything or anyone. Plus, I think it’s everyone’s dream to be married to a spouse that is carrying and attentive but can and will kill for you! 😉

Favorite designer, fragrance or grooming product: Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director at Balmain (I love his story; he is a real inspiration for focus and tenacity. He went from being an orphan and being a black child in a white society feeling excluded, to creating his community where he controls the access).

This might sound very childish, but I have yet to find a fragrance that works well with my natural essence except, for Dark Temptation by Axe. The chocolate extracts mix well with my chocolate skin, and it is only a plus that the name embodies my personality.

For hair: American Crew! All their hair and beard products are fantastic. What I use on my body more than anything is Cocoa Butter by Palmers; it keeps me rich, creamy and smooth the scent adds to my experience.

What would you be doing if you weren’t modeling? I would be a Marketing Executive; in-fact my career before modeling was Sales & Marketing related. However, after experiencing the exhilarating life of fashion & entertainment, I want to spread my love for this field & become an agent when I hang up the cleats.

What’s something uncool that you love anyway? Anime! Currently, rewatching Claymore. If it’s dubbed, I have seen it! I am into good moral Anime’s like, “Assassins Classroom,” “Fairytale,” and a few others, but let’s be real, there are some badass shows out there, and I can’t get enough. 😜

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country? The best thing about Atlanta/Fayetteville, GA growing up was seeing you can be Black and successful. I grew up with a lot of really progressive people who are still connected to my community. They taught me a lot of great values about my culture, and they actively showed me that you can be successful, educated and still BBQ!

Place you would love to visit: I want to visit the South Pacific Isles, Iceland, Australia and Antartica.

Which brand would you love to model for? Balmain, D-Squared, Calvin Klein, RUFSKIN, Banana Republic/Gap and plenty more (the list is longer than I have space)!

Favorite modeling experience so far? There are 2, but if I had to say all-time favorite it would be going to Barcelona and getting the chance to shoot and get to know Alejandro Brito and Jeri! My second was going to Mexico and shooting with Victor Ozuna. There is something about the sunlight, sand, and skin that makes the memories unforgettable.

Where do you feel the most stuck in your modeling career? Having a beautiful body is a blessing and a curse. The reason I say this is a lot of people enjoy looking at it in its raw form, hell so do I. We are not paid for nudity we are paid to inspire people to buy products. I would like to get the chance to work with magazines, stylist, photographers, and clients that want to help me see myself in fashion campaigns and editorials.

You’ve been featured on two covers of OBVIOUS. How did the opportunity help your career? They have helped me Immensely! The 1st cover was a complete surprise! Fashion & Male Provocateur Photographer, Carlos Jones called me up and said, “I have something to tell you! Then he sent me a screenshot of the cover!” I am pretty sure I screamed and ran around my college dorm, I distinctly remember my teammates and roommates yell at me to shut up after we all have a brief moment of PsychoHappyFreakoutSess LOL! It was my first cover, and it got me my first job with DownEast Clothing.

The second cover wasn’t as shocking, but it was way more glamorous and photographed by OBVIOUS Editor in Chief, Jerris Madison, and it was a total Uber crush! The editorial that followed the cover is still used on several of my agencies comp-cards. He shot me in a way that I sold you and captivated you on so many levels it’s ridiculous! I feel super privileged to have a brand as diverse and established as OBVIOUS (Thank You All)!

Any current or forthcoming projects you want to share with us? Here’s a big juicy secret! Two of the brands I told you I want to work with, I am about to work with them! I will give you a hint; one is a long time Menswear Iconic Brand & the other is very very sexy. 😘

Currently, you’re obsessed with/about? I am obsessed with Tarrice Love, Cameron-James Wilson, and Nuno Xico! I look forward to working with them all very soon!

3 Words that best describe you as a person? Loyal. Honest. Naughty.

Favorite entertainer or public personality? Viola Davis! It’s simple; it’s her unwavering belief in herself. She has been trying to arrive on the scene for decades, and in the last decade she has finally made her mark, and she isn’t going anywhere. She plays some of the best characters, and she stands for something that transcends race, sex, gender, and social economics. I would love the chance to bump into her and spend some quality time learning and listening.

How has social media benefitted you? Well, for one it is a place where I get to showcase my art, my skills, and my voice. I get to connect with so many people, and I can stay in contact with people that time, space and life have made it difficult to find.

Favorite quote? Man, I have so many, but as of late I have gone through something that has made life difficult, and one that sticks out, in particular, is: “Why do people close their eyes when they pray, cry and kiss? Because our souls all know that the best things in life aren’t seen, they are felt.” – Anonymous

Any shoutouts? This might be cheesy, but I really want to thank my Heavenly Father. Earlier this year, I developed an autoimmune disorder called Stevens-Johnsen. It completely blindsided me and caused significant swelling, scarring and a lot of other things. However, after 60 days of pain and discomfort, the disorder subsided, and I began to heal. After that my Mother Agent Bart got me signed to DAS Model Mgmt where I fell in love with Steve Wimbley and the whole crew at DAS Miami and Chicago. I also want to shout out Tina Bullen. She is the agent who taught me humility, she developed me and groomed me into the talent I am now! And all the photographers who have shot me or are planning on shooting me! I am so fortunate.

My mother; my girlfriend, Danielle Huffin; my brother Stephan Atrice and my crew of talents supportive friends and extended family!!! Lastly, I want to thank OBVIOUS for supporting me from the beginning of my career to present day. What an honor it is to have you guys rooting for me!

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