Summer Crosley

Model Watch: Summer Crosley

Hungarian, Midwest-born Summer Crosley is an environmentalist who dreams of modeling for Dolce & Gabbana. She a fan of Master of None and Tom Petty.


Name: Summer Crosley

Agency, if any: Wilhelmina

Age: 28

Height: 5’9

Instagram: @summercrosley

Where were you born: Illinois

Ethnicity: Hungarian

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Favorite things: Travel, Art, Culture, Nature.

What music are you listening to at the moment? I’ve been listening to a lot of Classic Rock: Tom Petty, Neil Young, The Stones

Favorite movie, TV show: Master of None

Favorite designer, fragrance or beauty product: I love coconut oil. It’s so great for the skin, hair, and body. And it is 100% natural.

How do you balance acting and modeling? They balance well together. The location of either a photo shoot or movie is so important as it tells a “story” of how the image will be portrayed.

What’s something uncool that you love? Hmm, that’s a hard one to answer! LOL! At home, I really get into recycling. To most people its “out of sight out of mind”. I take throwing things away seriously though and have a few different recycling stations set up in my home.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country? I grew up in the heart of the Midwest and have those Midwest values that have always stuck with my morals and who I am. I take a little part of me to anywhere I live.

Which brand(s) would you love to model? Dolce & Gabbana. I just love their colors and patterns. And, their ad campaigns are always cool.

Dream industry gig? One day to be behind the camera and create my own documentary.

Place(s) you would love to visit: I’ve traveled to many places, but one place I have not been that I’ve been eyeing is Scotland. The castles, scenery, greenery looks beyond beautiful.

Currently, you’re obsessed with/about: The eco-friendly decor and style of Tulum, Mexico. I’m so intrigued with taking something so simple from nature and turning into a gorgeous home decor piece.

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