Angelina Galt | Photo: Sarah Krick
Angelina Galt | Photo: Sarah Krick

Purpose-driven, Model & Philanthropist, Angelina Galt

Angelina Galt has built a foundation that helps underprivileged children get access to pursue the arts. 

We love getting the chance to explore the careers of the many talented models that grace the covers of magazines and runways around the world. Particularly, when we learn about the models who are using their platforms to create positive social change. 

This opportunity allows us to give our readers a quick glimpse into what life is like in the modeling industry.

Talk to us about the Angelina Galt Foundation? Why was it created? What is its purpose?

The Angelina Galt Foundation was created to aid children between the ages of 8-18 who have musical talents in singing, instruments, dancing, and acting gets access to classes, workshops, and training. 

So many parents don’t have the money to help put their children through arts programs. I wanted to create an opportunity for these kids to get that chance. I was so lucky enough to have had that in my childhood, and I think everyone deserves that. I want to provide children with that kind of opportunity.

What sparked the idea?

I was thinking about all of the projects I was working on and what route I would take about starting my own brand. A personal brand is a common strategy in this age. I thought about how I could put my creative efforts into something that could give back to others, which made more sense to me.

Angelina Galt | Photo: Sarah Krick
Angelina Galt | Photo: Sarah Krick

How do you balance modeling with other projects?

I was homeschooled for quite a while, which helped a lot. But, I also have to make sacrifices in my own social life. Often times, my friends want to hang out and have fun, but I might be booked on a gig at the time and would have to miss out; however, it’s never really a battle for me. I genuinely love what I do, so work always comes first for me.

What’s your advice to young girls today that want to pursue modeling and follow a similar path to yours?

I think one of the first things you can do to start your career actively is to build your portfolio. That’s the foundational item. Work with different photographers and test yourself to see what type of modeling you’re best at, whether it be commercial, editorial, etc. 

Now, on a personal level, the most important thing to keep in mind is to know your worth and value. I think oftentimes, models that are starting out are trying to climb up the industry ladder. That doesn’t mean that you can’t already be sure of your worth. People should stand firm on their limits and what they are willing to do in this industry. 

Angelina Galt | Photo: Sarah Krick
Angelina Galt | Photo: Sarah Krick

In the age of the Influencer, there’s a lot of crossover in the modeling industry, what would you say is an advantage to being an influencer model and any disadvantages?

I don’t think the two are very different, actually. I think social media is an excellent platform for exposure in general and also gives you a sense of more control with who you work with. You get the opportunity to work with a lot of different companies and endorse their products or services, which, of course, can bring in money and exposure to different connections. 

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

My main project is the official launch of The Angelina Galt Foundation’s website. We will see the organization thrive and create the work to help out so many children. Before the year is over, I’ll be heading to Singapore on a modeling contract for three months. 

Instagram: @angelinagalt
All photographs by Sarah Krick

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