OMG! We Finally Found The #1 Best Travel Backpack - Monarc- The Settra Series - Duffel Bag

Best Travel Backpack: OMG! We Finally Found It, Ranked #1

We’ve been searching for the best travel backpack. We can now finally end our search for finding the travel bag(s) with the best usage for travelers.

Monarc created a sustainable brand with all products made from recycled plastic bottles.

As Editor in Chief, I get to travel globally. I purchased several backpacks over the years and thought they would help me pack more without checking a bag or having an extra carry-on hence with I’m Ranking this as the #1 Best Travel Backpack!

Courtesy of Monarc, Inc. | Best Travel Backpack

Monarc: The Settra Series has truly simplified my life as a solo traveler. Airlines ticket prices are rising, and adding additional baggage fees doesn’t soften the blow, including the fear your luggage may not make with you to your destination.

I am trying to find products that can help people be more sustainable. I want readers and myself to have a smaller carbon footprint. This is what attracted me to the Monarc brand. Every day 60 million plastic water bottles are being thrown away, with 90% ending up in our oceans and landfills.

Upon research, I discovered the Monarc: The Settra Series is made with 100 recycled plastic bottles, a TSA-approved carry-on size, water-resistant fabric, and locking zippers (lock not included) for added security. 

Travelers need to have a product that is functional and organized. This product is suitable for all travelers, no matter what destination they are going to. It is durable and worth the investment.

The Settra Series | Best Travel Backpack | Duffel Bag
The Settra Series | Best Travel Backpack

Top 5 Reasons Monarc: The Settra Series with #1 Best Travel Backpack

Settra Duffel Travel Backpack (Made from 50 Recycled Plastic Bottles)

Where do I start? LOL! This is the Best Travel Backpack on the market. I own ten various backpacks, not none of them compare to this duffel travel backpack. This duffel-to-backpack has a spacious 17″ laptop pocket for easy travel through TSA. Next, there are ample compartments to put your items. I love the zipper storage for my insulated water bottle. None of the backpacks I own come with the feature, and it is essential to me. This backpack simplifies my life as an amputee.

Med. Compression Pack (Made from 8 Recycled Plastic Bottles) / Large Compression Pack (Made from 10 Recycled Plastic Bottles)

The compression packs are good for space-saving. They allow you to pack clothes without having to squeeze them into your duffel bag. This worked well for me because I packed seven days’ worth of socks, underwear, t-shirts, vitamins, two pairs of shorts, and three pairs of trousers.

Settra Camera Cube (Made from 13 Recycled Plastic Bottles)

The camera cube is an excellent place to put your camera and lenses if you are a photographer. It has dividers that make it safe for the lenses and fit my Canon M50 and four lenses.  

Settra Tech Pack (Made from 8 Recycled Plastic Bottles)

If you like pockets and compartments, this is a pack for you. I was tired of having my technology in different parts of my luggage. Now I know where to find them all without looking for them.

Laundry Bag (Made from 11 Recycled Plastic Bottles)

Having a laundry bag to put my dirty clothes in after traveling simplifies my unpacking after my long trips.

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More about Monarc, Inc and its Founders, Nate & Jesse

Their journey began in 2013 when they met while working with each other, developing products for other companies. During this time, they would visit factories in Asia and were horrified to see the impact manufacturing had on the planet. The smog and waste produced from manufacturing everyday products were truly horrifying. Now that they know better and have seen firsthand the impact irresponsible manufacturing of goods has on the planet, they felt it was their duty to do better, and Monarc was born.

Our mission is simple: Do Better.

Our mission statement is broad and applied to every facet of our business, but at our core, it means to make better products in a better way to make the planet better.

We hope you’ll join us on our mission, and we’ve got a planet to save!

Certified Plastic Negative Product

What is Plastic Negative? Simply put, plastic negative means that for every 1KG of plastic we use, 2KG of plastic is removed from the environment.

By partnering with rePurpose, we are committed to not only using recycled plastic to make our products but also funding the removal of twice as much plastic waste from our planet as we use in our products. Under this certification, all Monarc products will carry a negative plastic footprint.

But that’s not all. RePurpose not only focuses on the removal of waste but also the waste management workers. Many workers in waste management are impoverished and exposed to little or no health care. rePurpose gives workers a dignified livelihood, safe working conditions, and above all, respect.

Learn more about rePurpose here.

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