TEE INK is a ‘Wear the Weekend’ brand with the focus on both youth and contemporary men and women based in Australia. Stylish and comfortable too!

How did you come up with the name TEE INK?

The t-shirt meets the artist’s pen. TEE and INK.

Where are you based? 

Sydney, Australia

T-shirts are very popular. How do you compete in this very competitive market?

Our designers come up with unique design concepts, and then all of our graphic prints and yardage artwork are designed by artists.

What’s important to your brand?

We design clothes and outfits that can be worn from the beach to bar. What started with a simple tee is now an evolving beast of effortlessly cool apparel. Stylish, high-quality cuts made for the cities we haunt and inspired by the coastlines we wake up to.

What inspired the latest collection?

Cuba was everywhere on the runway so we followed suit with our own take on bodies in the sand and a tropical drink meltin’ in our hands.

Who do you design for?

Both youth and contemporary men and women.

Your products have a very effortless feel. Is this on purpose?

Our brand motto is “Wear the weekend”. We design clothes for the weekend. We are a weekend brand.

Plans for brand expansion?

We have been successful in Australia so the Northern Hemisphere is definitely where we are expanding. Specifically, the US, Canadian, and European markets.

Instagram: @teeink