Brommon Bespoke "LAXIRI"

Brommon Bespoke Unveils “LAXIRI” Curated by Kwaku Boateng Akuoko

LAXIRI, under the flagship of Brommon Bespoke, is best known for its bespoke suiting offering Bespoke Tailoring and Luxury custom suiting services.

The brand LAXIRI makes use of varied distinct fabrics outsourced from different ends of the world with the crown aim of attaining perfection in design and fit.

“Our client’s comfort is our core mandate. A streamlined test proven system is practiced to ensure clients not only are 100% satisfied with the outcome of our garments. They are carried along in the creative process.”

– Kwaku Boateng Akuoko, Founder & Artistic Director

What defines luxury? Is there a sure universally accepted definition for what is or not? The answer remains vague. Well, luxury to us remains a state of comfort, a comparative scale of elegance and a pure conviction of essence and worth. LAXIRI to us goes way beyond traditional garments; it’s an outer reflection of who we are, from where we originate and how far we have come. “A casual armour of heritage” we call it.

The debut collection, themed, “THE LUX IN LAXIRI,” represents who we are as a brand. The word “Lux,” which is of Latin origin means “light” (an intense beam of radiance that reveals a reflection of who we are on the inside to the outer universe).” Kwaku Boateng Akuoko, Founder & Artistic Director

Silhouettes in this collection represent the core base on which the future derivatives will build. For the collection, fabrics range from rich cashmere blends through to cotton, line models in both print and plain colour blocks.

The African pride dwells on three primary keys; Creativity. Uniqueness. Power. When coupled with the brand’s values of ethnicity, modernity, craftsmanship, and quality; this holds as the pillars at The House of Brommon Bespoke.

Instagram: @Laxiristudio
Styling & Artist Director @mr.akuoko

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